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What we’re about

This is the Berlin community for the Blockchain-based social network!

The AKASHA Foundation, headquartered in Crypto Valley, Zug, is a non-profit born at the intersection of blockchain and collective intelligence. We nurture projects helping individuals unlock their potential through open systems that expand our collective minds at local, regional and global scales.

Mihai Alisie is the Founder of The AKASHA Foundation, and one of the early pioneers in the blockchain space. Mihai created Bitcoin Magazine in 2011 together with Vitalik Buterin, later joining him as one of the original four Ethereum Founders in late 2013.

The Berlin hub expands the foundation’s network of physical hubs that provide centres for likeminded people to rethink social networking and how we think about data, control, incentives and power.

While open to all applications and aspects of decentralized social networking, the Berlin Hub will be slightly focused on innovation, research and science. To create novel incentive structures to share and noture ideas and revolutionizing approaches ... to get us all to the moon!