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Free meditation/chanting from genuine Buddhist Monks from S.E. Asia (Burma/Myanmar) who were refugee's granted political asylum, and are now living here in Akron. Perhaps locals may be interested in learning centuries old techniques in the Theravada Tradition, the identical way the teachings have been handed down directly from teacher to student for 1,000's of years (this is the most early, simplest and purest form, all other sects came later, i.e.; Tibetan, Zen, etc.) I've found that a lot of the area's spiritual aspirants, to those merely curious--don't know there is a Buddhist Monastery around town or that the Monks are here for all sentient beings as well. If you want the real thing, then this is for you. The photos tell a story as to what goes on here, when viewing photo albums, please click on the right arrow key as the slideshow does not show the captions.

We will meet once or twice a week. No prior experience is necessary. Newcomers can come a little early to learn how, it's easy. You'll find the Monks are very compassionate, easy to approach, warm and open. They love sharing their knowledge of Buddhism and growth along the spiritual path more than anything! There are lotsa positive health benefits concerning meditation listed on the web. Even the Dalai Lama still "practices" meditation! This is a wonderful opportunity for N.E. Ohioans to be able to participate in the authentic path leading to great insight, wisdom and enlightenment. "The journey of a 1,000 miles begins right under one's two feet"

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