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Free meditation/chanting from genuine Buddhist Monks from S.E. Asia (Burma/Myanmar) who were refugee's granted political asylum, and are now living here in Akron. Perhaps locals may be interested in learning centuries old techniques in the Theravada Tradition, the identical way the teachings have been handed down directly from teacher to student for 1,000's of years (this is the most early, simplest and purest form, all other sects came later, i.e.; Tibetan, Zen, etc.) I've found that a lot of the area's spiritual aspirants, to those merely curious--don't know there is a Buddhist Monastery around town or that the Monks are here for all sentient beings as well. If you want the real thing, then this is for you. The photos tell a story as to what goes on here, when viewing photo albums, please click on the right arrow key as the slideshow does not show the captions.
We will meet once or twice a week. No prior experience is necessary. Newcomers can come a little early to learn how, it's easy.  You'll find the Monks are very compassionate, easy to approach, warm and open. They love sharing their knowledge of Buddhism and growth along the spiritual path more than anything! There are lotsa positive health benefits concerning meditation listed on the web. Even the Dalai Lama still "practices" meditation! This is a wonderful opportunity for N.E. Ohioans to be able to participate in the authentic path leading to great insight, wisdom, liberation and enlightenment. "The journey of a 1,000 miles begins right under one's two feet"

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SUNDAY Theravada meditation practice session, instruction, DHARMA TALK with Monk

At the brand new 5 acre Temple & Monastery complex. Open to anyone of interest in practicing meditation with at least one Monk, maybe more. Same tradition as has been done the for thousands of years in S.E. Asia. Adults only please. Doors open at 8:00 a.m. Park out front, entrance is on the east (right) side of the large central building, near the red brick wall. Beginning with a meet and greet with the Monks to get acquainted--with them and the Temple. I will give formal introduction to Monks and instruction on proper way to enter Temple when you arrive, like how to kowtow--as done in all Temples in Burma, Laos, Thailand, etc. Also worthy of mention, it is not appropriate for women to give welcoming/farewell hugs or even handshakes, as the Monks have taken a vow to not touch women (along with hundreds of other vows) No tight or skimpy outfits also ladies. We will now be requiring that anyone wishing to attend have a photo of themselves on their profile, due to a recent problem with unknown strangers.

A brief introduction to meditation by a senior Monk and myself will be given first, followed by 20-30 minutes of meditation. Afterwards we'll be listening to a Dharma Talk. I wouldn't recommend strong fragrances or wearing fancy dress clothes. Business casual to sweats is fine. Cleanliness and comfort are paramount, like going to any church social gathering. Shoes are to be removed once entering the building. Please silence your cell phones also. Restrooms are in front room of Temple.

Merely find a comfortable position sitting on the floor, somewhere in front, close to the Shrine. We sit on the floor in a lotus position facing toward the shrine. You are welcome to bring a soft padded cushion if you want to sit on. Please refrain from leaning on objects against the wall. The upholstered chairs are not for lay peoples use and are reserved for Monks only please (unless you have a handicap or medical condition) Please note; It is considered disrespectful to point your feet toward the shrine, feel free to stretch anytime, but let your feet point toward the side or back walls, okay. During practice, please keep movement/noise to a minimum as to not distract others. This is about being still and quiet time.

Their tradition (and in all Asia) is that anyone can earn merit by a simple gift of a bokay, or a small offering of fruit, or bottled water. Donations of cash is also accepted (place in a white envelope) but it is not necessary and no disgrace to just come as you are, even empty handed. Please place your offering at the feet of any Monk when being introduced--while making a bowing gesture.

If uncomfortable, the doors are always open just as wide to go out, as they were to come in. Once the bell rings to conclude practice, you needn't worry about jumping up or leaving right away, you may continue your practice for a few minutes or simply stretch or say hello, chat with your neighbor. Lastly, if any questions arise, we will allow an extra fifteen minutes after teaching is finished to discuss meditation practice, the Dharma (the teachings) and/or the Sangha (the community) etc.

Please attend by RSVP only, you may bring spouse or 1 guest--but only if you are there as an escort. If you are very late, come back another day--please do not interrupt our session and be considerate of other peoples meditation practice without unnecessary distractions. There is such a thing as proper Temple etiquette.

For more information about Theravada Buddhism, the Monks or teachings, there is much info on the web. Ajahn Brahm on youtube covers basics and many topics. My favorite is the "Daily Mind Shower" everyday on facebook at 8:00 a.m. or re-runs anytime at your convenience and on youtube as well--presented by great a team of outstanding Monks. (includes live interaction if you type in questions or comments) Please feel free to contact me for private visits, home blessings, or daily meditation practice during others days of the week. Or, if you are interested in working on deepening your study in the Theravada Tradition and/or mediation practice sessions--provided you have been to a few prior Meetups.

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