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Free meditation/chanting from genuine Buddhist Monks from S.E. Asia (Burma/Myanmar) who were refugee's granted political asylum, and are now living here in Akron. Perhaps locals may be interested in learning centuries old techniques in the Theravada Tradition, the identical way the teachings have been handed down directly from teacher to student for 1,000's of years (this is the most early, simplest and purest form, all other sects came later, i.e.; Tibetan, Zen, etc.) I've found that a lot of the area's spiritual aspirants, to those merely curious--don't know there is a Buddhist Monastery around town or that the Monks are here for all sentient beings as well. If you want the real thing, then this is for you. The photos tell a story as to what goes on here, when viewing photo albums, please click on the right arrow key as the slideshow does not show the captions.

We will meet once or twice a week. No prior experience is necessary. Newcomers can come a little early to learn how, it's easy. You'll find the Monks are very compassionate, easy to approach, warm and open. They love sharing their knowledge of Buddhism and growth along the spiritual path more than anything! There are lotsa positive health benefits concerning meditation listed on the web. Even the Dalai Lama still "practices" meditation! This is a wonderful opportunity for N.E. Ohioans to be able to participate in the authentic path leading to great insight, wisdom and enlightenment. "The journey of a 1,000 miles begins right under one's two feet"

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Special Invitation - Non Stop Recitation of Maha Pathana Ceremony with 15 Monks

Akron Mon Buddhist Temple & Monastery

Your cordially invited (but not expected to come all four days) so RSVP and visit at your leisure. However the more time spent, the more you'll benefit. A free meal will be provided to attendee's beginning at noon on 6/29. You are welcome to stay as long as you like or come as early as you wish, even spend all 4 days. (bring your sleeping bag & pillow) All recitation will be in ancient Pali language. A language many Monland peoples don't understand either. Same as millions of Catholics don't understand weekly masses that is spoken in Latin. Just merely witnessing traditional praises to the Lord is paramount--carrying out, passing along the tradition, and being an active participant is what really matters in any faith. There is an esoteric transmission that one may experience that just naturally comes along with the territory--with your mere presence. This is very powerful event! "We, the Mon Buddhist Monk Organization of USA together with the Mon Community of Ohio. To those who are respecting and following Buddha's Teaching, in order to honor and maintain Buddhist literatures and sacred text's called Maha-Pathana in Pali language, which is regarded as the deepest doctrine of the Buddha. This Maha Pathana was preached to heavenly Devas (Lords) in Tawatamsa heaven by Buddha himself in 6th Century B.C. And today this ceremony is carried out by the Mon Buddhist Organization of USA, S.E. Asia, and all our devotee's in Ohio as well. We believe that by reading this non-stop recitation of Maha Pathana, we human beings, as well as all living beings in the worldly life will be protected from various dangers such as fire, flood, etc. and then be happy, healthy and it also can be applied to peace and harmony in the Universe. Therefore, we very welcome you and would like to invite to all people to participate, or join us to listen and honor the Non-stop recitation of Maha Pathana during this ceremony program" There will be 15 Monks in attendance. The ceremony program will begin on Thursday June 27th at 6:00 p.m. and will end on Sunday June 30th at 2:45 p.m. or so. Being that the Monks will be reading out loud 24 hours a day thru a microphone, it will be difficult to conduct our weekly meditation practice at the Temple. Our Meetup group has been invited to share lunch with the Monks and Sangha members on Saturday. Only Meetup members who have attended at least one meeting in the past are welcome to come to the Temple at any time during the program to just merely listen and perhaps get acquainted with any Monks or Sangha members while visiting. This will be a potluck luncheon. Most all members and families prepare a large dish for sharing with others, and for the Monks. (most families cook enough to serve 6-10 people, so there is always plenty to go around) Sometimes up to a 100 people come, we will be the only Americans, they are delighted to welcome us as equals into the community (Sangha) You'll see, they make sure we get a good seat and you'll feel well cared for. This is a self serve buffet with a lot of different dishes. So it is recommend that you bring something to share too. I have found they like salmon patties, fried chicken, chili, stew, soup are popular--as well as veggies and fruit. Some of their dishes are spicy hot, others are bitter, fishy or pungent to our taste. I always ask "is it hot" etc. Then just take little sample to see if I like or not. You can always eat what you brought if your not adventurous. The meal starts around 10:45, getting tables prepared and food put out and such beginning on Saturday--getting the Monks table ready so they can try samplings of everything. Around 11:15 or so, the Monks will give blessings, then they start serving their plates and begin their meal. Sangha members and our Meetup group will begin after the Monks are finished eating. The Monks will again give blessings for the meal, and then offer blessings to everybody. All the while, the readings continue. Please consider joining us...

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