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SATURDAY LEARN "5 Financial Strategies to Last a Lifetime"
Jack Eyer Wealth Management, Inc. Join us- bring a notebook. You must RSVP for the next Sat. 9:30 a.m (football season) meetings - only 8 spots per class. "The wealth management and financial planning process in America is broken today. (That’s not an uplifting opener…………. I know.)" You should be your own Bank & Planner! How Privatized Banking Really Works - is Important to Wealth Building. How do you leave Real Estate out I ask Financial Planners? TIME is precious, goes by quickly- Don't Procrastinate any longer! Get the information you need. You and a guest are cordially invited to join us for a briefing on the following topics: Real Estate Investing- Buy/Hold/Flip/Sell/Option/IRA/Wholesale? The InsBank = think of a Heavily funded high-cash value Life insurance (PPLI) plan as a financial warehouse where money waits to be deployed as new opportunities present themselves frequently: real estate, lending. All while you draw interest & a high dividend yield 6.1% but no taxation, very low risk? Income Tax Reduction Strategies- better now than in many years! Attractive Terms on Banking & Borrowing- Guaranteed Financing? Infinite Banking Concepts- Become Your Own Bank like the wealthy do. Legacy Planning- Die Rich Tax-Free! Designed- exempt from creditors/lawsuits Ala. code[masked](b)! Wealth Building Classes- what these are about, and how to get future classes free. The Road to Freedom = "Constant Compounding" without losing 33% to income taxing. Think & act like Bank of America does! Arbitrage spreads the Banks use to build huge resources $$- you can do so similarly, if you know how? So reserve your spot via email or text - it's Free currently. However, do not if you are not certain you will show for one of only 7 seats!! Jesus didn’t ask the man beside the pool of Bethesda, “Do you need to get well?” But, “Do you want to get well?” I ask you the same? I recommend all of you Read this for your planning: Questions for Jack at [masked] or[masked]

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ALABAMA REAL ESTATE INVESTORS ASSOCIATION (AIA) a 501c3 non-profit civic group, that has for over 35 years educated, help to build personal wealth for well over 1,000 individuals in its history, avoid pitfalls and mistakes, minimize taxation, and support individuals in the Birmingham area & all of Alabamians, with an outstanding government affairs committee that seeks fairness with officials for the real estate market.
Member Benefits from Vendors & providers create savings that far outweigh the meager cost of association membership so JOIN UP @ one page form with all details. The only Alabama REIA part of NAREIA joining near 200 other REIA's on a lot of National efforts for Investors and negotiating major discounts with National companies such as Home Depot, Sherwin Williams, Office Depot, Lowe's. etc.

We now offer a MeetUp group where individuals can attend Free currently to learn, and consider Real Estate investing as a worthwhile endeavor, all without any hidden agendas. Includes: Large Monthly meeting each 4th Monday, 2nd Tuesday is our DEAL MAKING Luncheon that's very popular for active investors, Sat. Morning Wealth Building meetings with JACK EYER LUTCF. Join this meetup for Notices to these. Sign up your email to at for information from the REIA, or call for next meeting info: Dorothy 205 441-4108 or April 205 807 1338.. AIA and MeetUp Founders: Bob McConnell, Chuck Robertson, Glenn Crocker, Jack Eyer, Archie Phillips, Thomas Malone, Dr. Murry Binderman Ph.D.

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