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The Alamo City Rivermen is a canoe and kayak club in San Antonio, Texas that was founded in 1987. Our members include all age groups, all skill levels, boat types and all types of paddling; flat water, whitewater, slow rivers, fun rivers, coastal bays and estuaries. Some have raced and even participate in the Texas Water Safari. We welcome canoers and kayakers to join us who enjoy and love paddling rivers and being outdoors on the water.

We enjoy doing all types of trips , from easy short day floats on local rivers, to lake paddles, car camping base trips, island camping overnighters or self-outfitted multi-day expedition type wilderness adventures. We traditionally are fond of camping paddle trips, often sharing a communal Dutch oven meal, and are known for our winter annual Freeze Trip. Cynics call us an eating club that paddles. We are also active in community service supporting river conservation, cleanups, Triathlon support and access advocacy. For river trip reports, and other cool stuff, see our website at Alamo City Rivermen (http://www.alamocityrivermen.org/).

Dues & membership: To join this Meetup Group, you must have an interest in rivers and boating, and join the Alamo City Rivermen Canoe and Kayak Club. Dues are $15 annually. Here is the direct link to the

Membership Application (http://www.alamocityrivermen.org/pdf/application.pdf):

The Membership Fee typically pays for the following:

Club expenses including (Example: ACR Meetup is 150 dollars per year, Checking Account, PO Box etc.)
Community equipment for extended trips (Example: Wilderness Toilet System, Wilderness Group Tent Fly)
Money Donations for recognized River Conservation Organizations in Texas. (Example – Texas River Protection Association)
Off set camping cost at Site Locations for Official ACR Events

Once approved you have 30 days to send in your 15 dollars for membership. At the end of 30 days if you have not joined a courtesy message will be sent. If a payment is not received 15 days later you will be dropped from the ACR Meetup Group.

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Colorado River and FM 969 (Closest to Bastrop)

TRIP UPDATE - MONDAY, JANUARY 14 Flow rate looking decent now. Trip looking good. CHECK comments for updates, MEETUP is limiting text size here. We have the club camp fly if drippy Saturday, it will blow through. Sunday looking sunny. Dress warm! THE PLAN Arrive at the Highway 969 Bridge above Bastrop 9:00 am Saturday, Jan. 19. We will do a driver’s shuttle to Fisherman's Park. Jamie with Rising Phoenix Adventures at Bastrop, 1409 Chestnut, 512/[masked], will meet us there with vans. They rent canoes and kayaks. $10 per shuttled person. They will notify the sheriffs' department, but neither they nor the club take responsibility for any theft or damage. We will paddle 8 miles to the island. Plan on lunch on the water both days We should arrive at the island around mid-afternoon. The trip leader locate the the fire pit, kitchen area, and the latrine. Tents will have to work around these picked sites. Need assistance in setting up the latrine area and gathering driftwood. We will have only one fire location for cooking and eating. We need everyone to police their own area and help with packing the community gear, latrine, burying the fire pit and restoring the main campsite to pristine. Sunday we are taking a leisurely morning to enjoy breakfast, and get out of the river by the later afternoon. WEATHER: If rain or flooding is forecast, the trip may be called. It is your responsibility to check the Meetup site the night before (which may be posted late) to get the final word on the trip. TRADITION: I will do The Readings, selected Robert Service Tales of the Yukon suitable to our chilly trip. Includes audience participation for wolves and howling winds (if real coyotes don’t chime in)! Bring your own stories, but keep it clean for the kids. REQUIRED: Every boat must have approved PFD’s for each person. Children under 13 years old MUST WEAR A PFD AT ALL TIMES on the water. All boaters must be confident swimmers. No glass containers allowed. Wear river shoes or sandals. I will send an email for everyone’s contact info. Everyone to sign a trip release. RECOMMENDED: This is a cold weather trip, with cold water. In case you flip have a dry change of clothes to avoid hypothermia. Bring your food and kitchen gear, personal headlamp or flashlight, water and beverages and some thing to sit on around the campfire. COMMUNITY GEAR: If you can help with community gear and taking them down the river post here. SHARED GEAR NEEDED: Camp tables Two-burner stoves Dutch ovens Charcoal and charcoal chimneys Coffee pots Camp latrine and shelter – need assistance in carrying club equipment Camp Fly – Need assistance in taking this, First aid – club kit Kitchen – If anyone can bring utensils for cook/prep/cleanup gear would be great. A pot needed for the wine grog. Lanterns COMMUNITY MEALS APPETIZERS - Bring something for the apres paddle hors d’oeuvres. Dips and dipping vegetables, chips, popcorn or anything else good. We will do a steaming pot of Gluhwein to keep us warm - Everyone bring one of the below wine or brandy to put in the pot, the quantities will allow 2-3 cups per person: Need : 8 - 12 boxed bottles of red wine (750 ml - no glass - nothing fancy) 2 - 3 cups of brandy We will bring as fixings cinnamon, honey, cloves, ginger and oranges to keep things simple. If every boat brought a wine or brandy, we should be good! DINNER: We'll do a pot luck community meal, with enough Dutch ovens. I am doing king ranch chicken. Let me know who can assist on the dinner meal, and will be cooking Dutch oven for the group. Bring your own water and other beverages. BREAKFAST: Plan on sharing breakfast tacos - everyone bring 2-4 eggs and sausage or bacon, and tortillas we will cook it all up together. We will cook on two-burners. Bring fixings of salsa, shredded cheese, and coffee. COSTS: $10 for shuttle, and $10/$15 person if not d.o. cooking. Everyone post comments here who can help out with cooking and gear. Thanks.

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ACR Freeze Trip Planning Meeting

Papouli’s Greek Grill - In the Quarry

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