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The Albany Food Readers Book Club is a proud member of the Food Readers Organization whose mission is to build food system book club communities in order to promote food system education. Our goal is to empower participants with a new found awareness and appreciation for our food system.

We believe that reading, discussion, and community building are the ingredients needed to counterbalance the misconceptions in our food system.

We aim to meet as a group every 2 months.

Book topics include farming, agriculture, cooking education, nature, ecology, food history, food biography, food memoirs, food science, food justice, food security, food policy and issues, foodie culture, and food related movements such as slow food, farm-to-table, vegan, vegetarian, raw food and gluten free just to name a few!

Our book club’s partnership with the Honest Weight Food Co-op has given us a terrific monthly meeting location in their Community Room. The space provides more than enough room for members to gather comfortably (chairs provided). If possible, members are encouraged to bring a dish, treat, or drink to our monthly meetings.

Feel free to visit the Food Readers Organization website to learn more. Their website is www.foodreaders.com.

Looking forward to meeting you at our next meeting! Any questions, just ask.

Also, If for any reason, you feel that you didn't have a great time at our Meetup, please message me with ideas on potential changes. The goal is to give everyone a 5 stars experience!

Keep Reading and Eating - Eric

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