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Spiritual Philosophy, Healing and Self Unfoldment - CHECK SITE TO CONFIRM $10
SPIRITUAL PHILOSOPHY, HEALING & SELF UNFOLDMENT with Rev. Greg & Kathleen James $10 – Suggested Donation Weekly Classes every Tuesday 7:00pm-9:00pm (Plenty of parking is available in our church lot) CHECK SITE TO CONFIRM Through a process of structured meditations on potent spiritual phrases, students will be exposed to the internal spiritual development of Jacob’s Ladder. This course will be taught in conjunction with a development circle of healing and spiritual unfoldment geared towards reaching the higher spiritual realms. “The story of Jacob's Ladder is an ancient allegorical biblical tale, describing the alchemical process of reaching complete Gnosis, or what some may call Sainthood, Buddhahood or enlightenment. A symbolic ladder that we all may climb if we wish to reach the spiritual heights of the divine in the heavens while we are encased in physical matter here on earth.” NOTE: PLEASE CHECK THE WEBSITE SCHEDULE FIRST BEFORE SHOWING UP (in case of bad weather for any cancellations!) For more details:

Albertson Memorial Church

293 Sound Beach Ave · Old Greenwich, CT

What we're about

Albertson Memorial Church
293 Sound Beach Avenue
Old Greenwich, CT 06870

Albertson Memorial Church of Spiritualism is a member of the National Spiritualist Association of Churches and the Connecticut State Spiritualist Association.

We are passionate about spreading the message of Spiritualism: The knowledge that after our life in the body ends, our spirit lives on. It is reassuring beyond words to know this truth - which we demonstrate through Mediumship (communications with spirit). Our mission is to share the light, love and knowledge of spirit without divisive dogma or restrictive rules. We create an open and loving atmosphere within the Church; one which welcomes people from all faiths and denominations.

A medium is a person who is sensitive to the thought and energy vibrations which come to us from those in Spirit. A medium can attune to the Spirit people, and is able to describe them and relate their thoughts, emotions, memories, and messages. Mediumship is a natural gift of the Spirit and has many purposes: it brings comfort to the bereaved; it offers spiritual nourishment for the soul; it becomes a vehicle for God’s Healing Spirit; and it demonstrates the potential of the individual to break through self-imposed limitation and, thus, become part of a Greater Whole.

An important part of of the Spiritualist experience is healing. Healers are simply channels for healing; the source of all healing is God. Our trained and designated healers direct healing light and energy according to each individual's needs. At every Sunday service during a period of meditation, we offer the opportunity to sit in one of our healing chairs for hands-on energy healing (given by a touch on your shoulders).

Spiritualism is the vehicle through which all religions have been given birth. We embrace the teachings and example of Jesus of Nazareth. We consider Jesus a great prophet, medium and healer. His connection with the Divine was so strong that one could consider him as God's Presence on Earth. Was he the only such manifestation of God's Love and Grace? No. During times of spiritual crisis, God sends messengers of the Word to help guide us; Jesus, Abraham, Moses, Buddha, Krishna and Mohammed, to name a few. One can be Christian and a Spiritualist; one can be Jewish and a Spiritualist; one can be Buddhist and a Spiritualist; etc.

The highlight of our Church week is Sunday worship. Our worship service integrates music, prayer, healing, meditation, inspiration and Spirit communication into the beautiful and unique experience of Spiritualist worship. Each week our church invites a guest minister. Sunday service begins at 11:00 AM and ends at approximately 12:15 PM. You are cordially invited to join us in the Church Hall for coffee, refreshments and fellowship following the service. (Doors Open at 10:30 AM for Silent Prayer and Meditation).

The Typical Order of Service:

• Opening Song and Prayer

• Declaration of Principles

• Sermon / Sharing

• Healing Prayer and Meditation

• Laying-on-of-Hands Healing

• Offering

• Announcements

• Hymn

• Spirit Greetings (Mediumship)

• Closing Song: "Let There Be Peace on Earth"

Our guest ministers and other spiritual practitioners provide workshops on various subjects relating to Spirituality, Mediumship Development, Psychic Development, Healing and much more. All are welcome to join - newcomers are encouraged! There is a suggested donation listed for each event (however, we do not turn anyone away for inability to pay the full amount). Many of our classes are held on weekdays in the evening, and on Sunday after worship. Please check our calendar of events and/or web site (which is updated more frequently) for additional information regarding exact dates and times.

Albertson Memorial Church holds a Spiritual Fair on the first Saturday of every month from 12pm-5pm. (Please note: our July Fair will be on the second Saturday , July 12, NOT on the July 4th weekend!) Psychic readings are 25 minutes each and range from $40 to $50. The energy healing sessions are 20 minutes for $20. Healing is also available for pets (leash or carrier only). Admission is FREE -- cash and personal checks are accepted -- reservations are not needed, but you may email if you want to reserve a spot!

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