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Women’s Financial Empowerment Group

We live in uncertain times and women face unique financial challenges. We are more likely to be poor during our golden years, we make less money than men, and we receive messages from society that often lead us to believe we are just not good with finances. We are also more like to go into deeper consumer debt than our male friends.

We are not in control of everything, but we always have agency when it comes to our finances regardless of the current state of our situation. Whether you are married, single, older, younger, this meetup is for you! This group is a place to be candid about our feelings and thoughts about money. And of course one of our goals is to go home and share our education with our spouses and our children.

Save more, spend less. This is the same message we get from every smart and experienced financial guru. But there is so much more to our finances. We all have different perspectives on what money means to us and our emotional reactions are different when it comes to the topic of money, investing, and saving for retirement. We were raised by different parents with individual early experiences that have defined how we behave towards our cash flow.

With speakers, readings and discussion, we will address these issues. And we will network and have fun while we will work together to no only educate ourselves on becoming more aware of our ‘time for money’ mindset, management of our funds and investments, but we will also help each other be accountable as we come to terms with whatever baggage we’ve been carrying that may be blocking our path toward real wealth and financial independence.


1. No judgment. Every woman spends and manages her money differently and we all do the best we can with the tools we have any given point in our lives. Keep an open mind when it comes to someone else’s spending habits. As Vicki Robin, author of Your Money or Your Life says, “No blame, No shame.”

2. No politics. It is what is…. The cost of healthcare, the rising cost of living, wage gaps, etc. We have to work with what we have… no political comments please.

3. What is said in our group stays in our group.

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