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This group is for people who are either already leading a healthy life and would like to share info on nutrition and fitness with others or people who desire to change their lifestyle to one more conducive to optimum health & fitness. We will discuss exercise options, healthy eating strategies and engage in group outings for fun and learning. I guarantee that anyone can improve their health, fitness, energy level and overall outlook on life if they are willing to make the requisite changes in their life. There is a lot of misinformation available today, especially in the diet & nutrition arena that undoubtedly confuses people. We will attempt to cut through the BS and determine what really works and what is just hype. Come prepared to talk about what has or has not worked for you and just be open minded to other ideas. Again, I guarantee it is not too difficult to learn what to do however it can be hard to execute the plan without like minded people walking along with you.

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Eating right and supplementation

Weck's Breakfast & Lunch

We will discuss how to eat right for life. No diets or tricks. Just tips. Learn about supplementation. Consider shakes for ease of eating

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Learn how to eat right-even at a restaurant

Weck's Breakfast & Lunch

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