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Purpose of this meetup group is to provide service as an inclusive centralized meetup forum to announce and coordinate participation in leather, kink, and BDSM events and activities for Albuquerque and the surrounding area (Belen to Santa Fe Rio Grande region) held by all organizations and qualified individuals. Larger remote or distant activities may also be posted to facilitate coordination of locals that might attend.

Individuals that may want to join this group must be 18+ in age, and could be those who are simply curious, novices, those having some experience, to those who are very experienced in a particular area. These individuals may be only interested in particular aspects of leather, kink, and BDSM, or they may have a wide interest space. We will be inclusive of all gender identities and sexual orientations in this meetup; however, particular events hosted here may focus on a particular subset of these based upon their charter. Therefore you may find that not all meetups posted here are of interest to your own energy or focus. If you don't see enough of what you like, let the organizer know!

All events should include provide safe space, require consent in their activities, and list age requirements. Typical events we anticipate include those for the curious, classes, training, social gatherings, club meetings, parades, pageants, volunteer, fund raising. Most events will likely be focused on a particular aspect of leather, kink, or BDSM, while some may be inclusive of a broad section of related topics. Many events here will be for 21+ years of age due to location. From past experience, most of these events are very welcoming to the novice - you can often just watch and learn without participating, or ask for help learning. This meetup will also entertain events from commercial sponsors or vendors with nominal contribution to operations costs.

To be clear, this meetup is not intended to create or duplicate existing or new leather, kink or BDSM organizations. It is intended to help awareness of like-minded individuals of all events in our area. Primary areas for information here are (1) meet-ups, (2) Pages with static information about leather and kink, (3) Discussions. If you'd like to help out here by adding information or meetups, let the organizers know!

Existing organizations that are welcome to participate and contribute here include (but are not limited to) the following:

• Albuquerque Leather Daddys

• New Mexico Leather League (NMLL)

• Clubhouse

• Alternate Erotic Lifestyles (AEL)

• Albuquerque boys of Leather (AboL)

• Fetlife - Public events

• Various Entertainment Organizations and Troupes

• Various Local Businesses in Leather & Kink


If you are not 18+ years of age, please leave this group until you are! Note that if you are <21 years of age, some of these events will be in establishments that enforce a 21-year old age limit. Some events allow 18+ year old attendees. While this group is for adults 18+ years in age, no sexually explicit images are allowed on this site. Please avoid placing images or very strong discussions that may be triggers for some members.

Events: Straight? Bi? Gay? Trans? Asexual? Queer? Gender Fluid? What's your kink?...

Leather and Kink events in Albuquerque are often very inclusive of sexual identity and orientation in one way or another. So, for instance, an event held at a facility that is typically identified as "straight," will very often encourage and welcome other sexual orientations at some events. A leather event held at a "gay bar" will quite often be very accepting of straight or trans folk. A leather event will often be welcoming to other fetishes such as rubber, furries, pups, etc. While energy at a particular event may not suit your interest, don't assume that it excludes your participation. Some events may be very focused on a narrow range of sexual identity and orientation -- but this is usually clearly stated. Ask. We have seen many cross-community events in Albuquerque that are welcoming to all.

What about soliciting others for Kink Play or Sex?

This meetup group is primarily set up to announce group social events where you can attend and meet others in person in safe group environments. Since Meetup is a social site, you may receive a solicitation from another member. If can choose to not respond, suggest meeting in a public setting, or politely indicate that you are not interested. Also check your privacy settings. If you wish to solicit others for sex or kink play, consider that the BDSM community strongly values consent, negotiation, and safety. As such, consider first asking something like "Hi. I noticed your profile and am interested in meeting for play. Do you mind if we discuss that here online?" This is less threatening and less likely to shock some members.

Remote or Distant Events?

This meetup is primarily for local events in the central New Mexico area. Remote or distant events will be posted as a means to help local members coordinate travel and meetups at those distant events and will be titled "Remote Event - Name of event." Any event in New Mexico, no matter how small, may be posted here. Interesting and somewhat larger events in surrounding states (Arizona, Colorado, Texas) may be posted here. Events in these states, such as in Phoenix, Denver, or Dallas, can be reached via a day drive or quick flight and may encourage and coordinate Albuquerque attendance. More distant events should be much larger and have potential draw for our local membership. An example might be Folsom Street Fair in San Francisco. This group is not intended to list all events in the US or World, only those of potential interest to those in the Albuquerque area.

Want to participate or expand what's here?

If you have ideas for events that should be posted here, please contact the organizer.

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