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The Albuquerque Market Traders is a group of market traders. We day trade and swing trade in the stock, futures, forex and options markets. Let's meet about twice per month to support each other in becoming better traders. We meet for the purpose of education, support, networking, sharing information and ideas, meeting trader friends, and socializing. Meeting topics will vary from open discussions to a specific topic. If you are NEW TO TRADING or interested in learning about trading, you are welcome to join this group. As we grow, there will be meetings specific for NOVICE TRADERS. Come share your wisdom and learn from others. If you have a meeting idea or are interested in hosting meetings, please let me know.

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Hi Traders,

I am passing on an opportunity that is being offered. If it is of interest, contact Peter (info below) and get more information. Here is his offer:

A fellow stock trading meetup organizer and hedge fund manager, is developing a new platform and looking to add a few active traders to his network. He is looking for traders who can come up with winning swing trade recommendations for a trading contest. Those who are successful will be paid and have the opportunity to choose stocks for a stock picking service down the road.

He will be paying traders to come up with 12 recommendations per month. So, if you are trading actively or just following stocks, and are fairly accurate at picking winners, you might consider trying this.

This is also is an opportunity to establish a trading record through a third party investment company and be in on a new venture in other capacities.

For more information about this opportunity, contact Peter Krasnoff at: [masked] or[masked]

Are traders getting slaughtered?
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Hello Meetup. I hope no one is buying oil. :))))) Anyhow I want to get a feel for any traders who have the desire to connect more with other traders. Write on the thread below so I can see everyone's response..... Thanks Glenn.
p.s I am thinking about doing webinars again.

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WEBINAR--On your computer, at home!

Hi Traders,

Here is a webinar (https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=DeqCEGxutus)I just did for LightSpeed Traders. If you are struggling to make money, follow your rules, or create a trading breakthrough check it out.

It's about trader mindset, how important it is for your success, and some ideas on how to stop bad trading habits.

It is available here (https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=DeqCEGxutus).

I'd love any feedback, thoughts on what helped, or what you would want to hear more about (for future webinars I am creating).



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