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Mission Statement The purpose of this Spiritualism group is to provide a safe environment for sincere, spiritually minded people to gather in a loving atmosphere to share ideas, to learn from each other and to share Empathic, Spiritual and Metaphysical experiences. We are not a Net-Working group promoting any one belief system or organization. Also, we gather together to send positive energy out into the world at large. When small groups gather around the world to send loving, positive energy, this has a positive effect on the planet. This is so because, as science tells us, energy cannot be created nor destroyed. It can only be changed. We choose to be an element of positive change. We prefer to walk our path teaching by example. This group is neither non-denominational nor religious. This group transcends formalized spiritual approaches in the sense that we search for higher truths. We do this by gathering information from various sources, discussing information, and by learning from each other. There is an open forum for the first part of the meeting and then some time is given for a short study of different topics each meeting. If you have area's of interest please let us know and they will be worked into the meetings. We have a very diverse membership which brings much knowledge to a group setting. You will find this group to be worth your time and effort. Meetings are free and will run from 2:00 PM to 4:00 PM. If you have area's of interest please let us know and they will be worked into the meetings. If you have any questions please give us a call at[masked]

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Lyceum - A mode of conveying information. It is an association formed by several individuals for the purpose of sharing spiritual information. They hold meetings to illustrate the Spiritual Science Concepts of improving the condition of its members by introducing subjects of useful knowledge and also excite an attention to pursue that knowledge.

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