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Welcome to the Albuquerque Running Meetup!

The Albuquerque Running Meetup is first and foremost a social group of like minded people with an interest in the sport of running.

The initial plan is to set up a continuing series of meetups designed as training for half and full marathons which will run for 12 - 16 weeks. There will be 3 meetups each week during the each training season. 5K and 10K races will be included as training events for half marathons, and marathons. We will also concentrate on VO2 Max exercises, working on strides and other technical aspects of running. Trail runs, interval training, drills and run/walking will also be part of the mix. Whenever possible we will try to include all running levels in these training events.

The group would like to expand to cover social runs, 5K and 10K training, nature runs in our beautiful state, etc, but we will need more organizers. If you have ideas, will put safety first and want to plan events contact me.

Organizers are community members, not professional trainers. Running is inherently dangerous. It is up to the individual to assess their own fitness and skill levels, and accept responsibility for their own well being, when participating in any Albuquerque Running Meetup activity. Do not participate in any meetup that you have any doubts about.

We would like to have members who are active and participate at least once a month. Members who are inactive for over 3 months will be removed from the roll. If you want to rejoin after being removed for inactivity, feel free to do so.

We would like to expand the number of assistant organizers over time. Interested? Get in touch with the Aaron Greenwood. If you have suggestions lets hear about them.

A release of liability and waiver is required before you may participate in any Albuquerque Running Meetup event.

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