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This is a group for anyone interested in crafts and art. DIY and makers. All skill levels are welcome and the variety of classes will appeal to everyone. From Fiber Arts to Paper Crafting and everything in between. Looking forward to meeting each of you and helping you find the creative person inside.

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Mixed Media Art Paper

SW Craft Connection


**Reservations must be paid and can be made here on MeetUp or on our website at: https://www.swcraftconnection.net/events/mixed-media-art-papers

In this class, we’ll create rich and layered art papers.

These can stand on their own as artwork or can be used in your visual journal or other mixed media artwork. We’ll work with a variety of papers, paint, and glue.

All required supplies provided.
Optional: Heat gun or blow dryer. Magazines, papers of all sorts.

$40.00 per person

Crochet New Project - Timothy Teddy Bear

SW Craft Connection


**Reservations must be paid and can be made here on MeetUp or on our website at: https://www.swcraftconnection.net/events/crochet-new-project-timothy-teddy-bear

Crochet classes and workshops are a fun and relaxed class. Each person is self-paced, which means you can start at any class as a beginner, continue your skills at the workshops, or pop in and out as you have the time.

We have new projects at the beginning of the month (1st Sunday), a workshop at the end of the month (3rd Sunday), and an evening class (Thursday 6-8 pm in between the Sundays) that you can choose which class you need or want. Our instructor is in attendance for the workshops to help if you have problems.

This month (August) we will learn how to make Timothy the Teddy Bear.

You are welcome to bring your 4mm crochet hook and scissors. You will have the option to purchase hooks, scissors, yarn needles, or stitch markers. The skein will be yours to keep.

As always, Beginners are always welcome and we will start you at the beginning.

For beginners or newcomers, the hook and skein are supplied for you

Teddy Bear (or beginner)
$30.00 per person


Visual Journaling Techniques

SW Craft Connection


**Reservations must be paid and can be made here on MeetUp or on our website at: https://www.swcraftconnection.net/events/visual-journaling-techniques

In this class, we’ll create a visual journal from recycled and found materials.

Along the way, we’ll take a spin through several art journaling methods and materials, and work to expand your creative boundaries.

This course focuses on the basic skills needed to create a journal and the artwork within. It's perfect for all levels - we’ll carry out exercises which will take you to new creative places and you'll leave with a partially filled journal that you can continue to work on your own.

All required supplies provided.
$ 80.00 per person
There will be a break for lunch

Beginner Crochet - New Project or Workshop & Help

SW Craft Connection


**Reservations must be paid and can be made here on MeetUp(Beginners) or on our website at: https://www.swcraftconnection.net/events/beginner-crochet-class-workshop-june-1-1

Beginner project - $30.00
Workshop - $20.00

As a beginner, you will learn the basic stitch and common techniques.

You can choose any of the beginner's class projects to start with.

Small Pouch, Granny Square, or the Mug Coaster, they will all get you comfortable with the stitches

All the supplies will be provided for you.

As we get more comfortable in our skills, we will be learning to read patterns and completing cute stuffed characters, like a Turtle, Whale, and even baby Yoda.

Beginners Project $ 30.00 per person

If you'd like to come for the workshop time, you can continue to work on your project, get help or just come to socialize with others.

Workshop $20.00 per person

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Acrylic on Canvas - Cactus Blues

SW Craft Connection


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