The Work before the holidays


"It's the most wonderful time of the year!" Until it isn't.

When we spend more time with family (or miss them), when we eat more, drink more, exercise less, when we spend more and interact more with people that might irritate us... things come up!

This is why this time can be so difficult.

It is the perfect time to dig into our practice of questioning our own thinking. Because it isn't the people "out there" that cause stress, but our stories about said people.

This is why the work is so critical to my peace of mind this time of year. Triggered? I write it down, call a friend or do self-inquiry. It works so well, I am not sure how I managed without it.

Perhaps "managed" is the keyword. When I want to go beyond simply managing, to consider digging in, loving, appreciating this life, I do the work. It is my shot at serenity.

Join me and other local teachers to learn this practice, with the intention of establishing your own practice.

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