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What we’re about

Here's the current approach for this group:

• You must be 18 years of age or older to attend.

• Each class may be provided by different instructors.  See description within each meetup event.  If you have ideas, let us know. 

• You will be asked to sign waivers for classes.

• Locations may be a rented facility or at private homes.  See the particular meetup.

• There may be minor cost per class for leader and facility, based upon the location and instructor.  See the particular meetup.  

If you have interest or ideas here or would like to lead or host a location for a class, please contact the co-organizer, Mike.

About Yoga

Yoga remains a time-tested modality to exercise your body and spirit in a practice of continual personal improvement. Improving strength, balance, flexibility, and spiritual harmony in a structured, communal practice is a hallmark of this work out. Shedding our clothes, and our last shield of society's labels, and exposing ourselves, with all our imperfections and vulnerabilities, and natural beauty, in a nonjudgmental, safe environment, is a most liberating path to self-discovery and self-respect. Of course, exercising with other like-minded men never hurts, either. Come join us for a great work out among some health-conscious men on their path to better fitness, conditioning, and inner exploration.

What to Expect

This is a non-judgmental environment.  You do not have to be experienced or in shape.  You should expect and demonstrate respect to all those involved.   Everyone is expected to honor their body's ability to perform the moves and forms.  If you cannot achieve a particular form or pose, you can rest or perform another form.

There is no sex event during yoga.  There may be consensual touching in partner yoga moves, usually hands, feet, back, etc.  There may be social time before/after an event.  Check the particular event.

You should arrive 10-15 minutes early with your supplies, disrobe, and be ready on your mat to start on time.  There is likely no locker room.  Disrobe near your mat.

There should be a restroom you can use at the location.

The requirement for being naked stems from the basic premise that we all become vulnerable and without shields of societal hierarchy. It’s a place from which to start your personal journey level playing field. We are all perfect in our natural imperfections.  Some men fear arousal more than nakedness.  If that’s the issue, don’t worry. No one judges and if you stay aroused through the class, you need a tougher class!

What to Bring

• You should bring a yoga mat.  We do not provide mats.  We suggest at least 6 millimeter thick mat for hard floors you may encounter.

• You should bring a towel.  This is used to wipe sweat or as an extension for some stretch moves.

• You should bring a bottle of water to drink.

• You may want to bring a duffel bag, or something similar, to hold your clothes and belongings, which you can keep nearby you.  No lockers are provided.

How to Prepare

• The most important thing is to clean your back end before or at your arrival.  You are naked and your legs will be spread!  We suggest you are freshly showered before you arrive or bring wipes to clean back there.  We want to see but not smell.  Overall good hygiene is also appreciated.

•  Have the right equipment (What to Bring) before you arrive.