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Jenna from Alchemical Wellness Collective here, wishing you strength, stamina, wisdom & blessings. I hope you all have been enjoying your holidays!

2019 is upon us and many people love to make New Years' resolutions related to improving their overall health and wellness. I remember in 2008, I was in my second year as a research scientist and my stress load was immense. On New Year's Day 2009, my resolution was to find an effective way to calmly handle high stress situations with calm and composure. That was the year I was first introduced to practices related to spiritual alchemy and meditation.

"Newcomers" to meditation often picture the practice as sitting in near silence, trying to be "mindful" while clearing one’s mind of excess thoughts… But understanding the practice of meditation should be no more elusive than understanding the power of focused thought with intention.

Indeed, it's that powerful combination of concentration with intention which inspires me to use an underlying theme for most of our workshops. Often times, I create them with a broad intention in mind, focusing on our psychic, spiritual, and physical wellness. This intention is then greatly heightened by the bridge between our sympathetic and parasympathetic nervous system: the breath work.

Here's a sample of an old pre-recorded meditation I made for beta testing our format:


I'll be using a slightly different format from here on out, but just to get an idea of what we'll be doing, this is a very good place to start.

Just as our bodies need to be "worked out" in order to build physical strength and stamina; similarly, improving our ability to focus and concentrate, as well as organizing our mental patterns to process psychological stress more easily, are necessary practices for our minds to function at their highest potential.

So, with the lights dim and music both challenging and facilitating our focus, let’s go on a mental journey with a guided story as I lead you closer to the center of yourself. Find yourself fully engaged with my words, or even drifting into your own narrative. If it seems exciting, explore where it leads.

We're looking forward to seeing those of you who can attend our future events!

Love, wisdom, & blessings to you all.

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