What we're about

A group aimed at working parents who would actually love to be at a mid week toddler group, but just haven't got the time or freedom to do so.
Busy building a business? Doing shift work? Your job just doesn't allow much opportunity to work from home? Fed up that most toddler get togethers are during the week and you just can't make them? Would like to know some other parents?
Us too!
We understand that juggling work, friends, family is a huge struggle and occasionally you'd just like it to be you who took the little one to something rather than the childminder or grandparents. This group is about finding friends in similar situations - who won't get upset if you have to cancel at the last minute, who understand that by Friday you are a walking zombie and that just occasionally you'd like to feel you could be part of a mum/dad network that understood you needed to take that phone call just then …. even though the messy play was in full swing. No guilt trips, just fellow jugglers! Meeting monthly on Saturdays and organising get togethers at unusual times and venues to fit them in!

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