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What we’re about

Anyone who is interested or just curious about cards and board games and what has happened in the gaming industry the last 20 years. During our weekly meetup, we have a lot of fun playing a whole array of games, ranging from easy ones like Citadels, to more heavier games like Game of Thrones or AquaSphere. We welcome both advanced gamers and those who haven't touched a game other than Risk or Monopoly. We will teach you the new games, no worries.

We happen to be a fairly international crowd, so if you don’t speak Norwegian but want to play some games – no problem!

Boardgames encompass a great big deal. Cards, boards, bits and dice gather us all around a social experience. Our brain cells work in overdrive. Someone cheers. It’s all good fun!

The boardgame club Alea Jacta Est has had Sola kulturhus as its base of operations since it began in 2004. New members are always welcome!

Whether you’re smart, curious or just adventurous, there will be something to pique your interest in our significant boardgame collection. And the geekfactor? It isn’t as high as you might think!

You can find us in the spacious locale of the cafeteria at Sola kulturhus. A map can be found here.

If you’re coming by bus from Stavanger or the University, you can take bus nr. 7 and jump off at the stop named ‘Sande skole’.

From Sandnes: Bus nr. 9, the stop named ‘Sande Terrasse’.

Come see us Mondays in Sola kulturhus from 5 o’clock. We’re looking forward to meeting you.

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