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Submissions are due mid-day Sunday. These submissions are for the following Friday's work session. Primary submissions should be 1500 words or less and be double-spaced. Longer submissions to a total of 2500 words may be submitted, but material beyond 1500 words is not guaranteed to be critiqued if participants are overly busy. A start and/or end marker should be included in order to indicate where the 1500 word limit is. Poetry is to be no more than five pages long. Please indicate at the being of the uploaded file's text what session the file is being submitted for, genre, and any instructions to critiquers. Introductory material may also appear at beginning to supply background and context, and it does not count against word limit. Click on the folder link in the comments below in order to upload (or download) a submitted file. Upload also requires host be supplied with email address known to Goggle. Thanks! Hope to see you all. PS: See "Pages" on menu bar of complete, detailed instructions.

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Calling individuals looking for constructive feedback on their writing and who are willing to offer feedback on the writing of others. Are you a writer? Do you spend hours, days, minutes, or even just seconds every day, week, or month working on your writing? Have you put words on to page are are unsure of your tone, characters, writing voice, or some other component of your writing? This is a group focused on sitting down and looking at writing and offering good, honest, constructive feedback.

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