Beginners DnD 5e game

Alex's Drunken (Mostly 5E) D&D Adventures!
Alex's Drunken (Mostly 5E) D&D Adventures!
Public group

Spiel Pro Warehouse inside Mac6

941 S Park Ln Tempe, AZ 85281 · Tempe, AZ

How to find us

If you are at a squarish warehouse you are at the right place.

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Reminder: Please RSVP if you are coming. Then GMs know how many to expect.

• What we'll do
This is an open set of DnD tables focusing on newer players to the DnD 5e, if you've been meaning to learn or are interested in playing 5e.

This is the AZ Game Fair Board gaming Meetup for Tuesday. So feel free to stop by and play some board games and chat about DnD the nights we are not running DnD.

• What to bring
Paper, pencil, and dice (if you have them)

There are multiple games of DnD running. We'll generally try to keep you with the same game runner. The goal is to try to keep groups to some smaller size for the best experience.

PS: Also, recruiting GMs, if you are a GM willing to teach newer players we have players eager to learn.

For those aspiring DMs in this group upon request I run a GM boot camp at the end of the session.