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This is a group for anyone interested in the use of artificial intelligence for creativity, with emphasis in music and visual arts.

Adding a little bit of history to the purpose of this group, I would like to mention my interest in Eurythmics, which was the study of harmony and proportion, by observation of beauty in mathematical ratios, a concept proposed by Pythagoras.

Eurhythmics could be used to analyze and create all forms of art: music, painting, architecture, etc., and until the middle ages, subjective and objective branches of knowledge such as arithmetic, music, geometry and astronomy (bundled with astrology) thrived together and united as a group known as the Quadrivium.

During that time, knowledge of the Quadrivium was considered a pre-requisite for the study of philosophy, but it fell apart in the Renaissance, when mathematicians became increasingly uninterested in the arts because no theory had successfully provided a link between aesthetics and proportion.

Within the context of data science and artificial intelligence, I hope this group allows participants to discuss and share views to help establish analytical links in the fields or arts, science, and creativity.

The Quadrivium (https://www.facebook.com/groups/TheQuadrivium/)

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