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My schedule is pretty free, so if anyone wants to meet up any time, I'm open to suggestions in the comments (or feel free to shoot me a message!). We can bring our own projects to show or just get to know other like-minded individuals. I personally do algorithmic trading, game development, animation, music, and web/software. You can check out some of my stuff at (, (, and ( Would be interesting to see if there are others doing anything similar.

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This group for those who trade actively and are good at programming as well. It's less for people looking for careers/education and more for people who just enjoy trading and are looking for like-minded individuals to chat or collaborate with.

I recently graduated a couple years ago myself, traded at hedge funds for a few years, and built my own fully autonomous trading system called Tech Trader ( ( (, which has been running live for about 4 years completely hands off.

I'm curious to see what others have done and am interested in bouncing ideas or collaborating on projects. Some personal goals of mine are just finding other people who are also automating their trading and perhaps teaming up on some trading strategies or ideas, as some of what I want to do is now beyond my own capabilities. Also just more fun to work in a team rather than go about it solo. :P

Feel free to suggest events or step up for co-organizing. I'll be traveling a lot so I won't be able to host too frequently.

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