What we're about

we will learn to build, develop & run, robust & Fast Algorithmic Trading strategies (Rule based/AI based models) that can be profitable on:

• any given market(FX / Stocks / CFD's / CRYPTO)

• any asset

• any market condition

• any time 24x7

• any frequency(HFT/LFT)

Knowledge needed:


• Trading: manual, semi-automated, fully automated.

• Coding: python, java, kotlin, C#.

• Risk Management: stop loss, take profit, leveraging, portfolio allocation.

• AI: supervised, unsupervised, ML, DL (Reinforcement learning is a PLUS)

• Big Data: Market data, portfolio data, economic data, time series data

• Model evaluation: backtesting, simulations

S t r a t e g i e s:


• Trading ahead of index fund rebalancing

• Correlation strategy

• Delta-neutral strategies

• Arbitrage

• Martingale

• Momentum trading

• Price action

• Mean reversion

• Scalping(HFT)

• Swing trading(LFT)

• Sentiment analysis (News, NLP)

• Fundamental strategy

• Transaction cost reduction

• Strategies that only pertain to dark pools

• Market timing

• Black-box

contact me o528060707@gmail.com if you can:


• Give a lecture

• Host a lecture

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