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Welcome to Ali Rabjohns Shamanic Circle. We are a network of like-minded souls who share passion, wisdom and vision for Shamanic Healing and Sacred Earth Connection. We practice and share energetic practices from the Q'ero Nation, with a lineage reaching back thousands of years. The Q'ero live in the High Andes in Peru.

Come and walk in the paths of our ancestors and this lineage, honouring and sharing their ancient wisdom. Our intention is to work with integrity and to follow a simple path of truth, transformation and healing. As we share with you this beautiful medicine in ceremony, we come into full circle and into balance with one another and with aspects of ourselves we have never dared to face before. We hold a safe and confidential space for you to dream your world into being and come into balance. We work in the spirit of 'Ayni' or the quality of reciprocity to bring issues into balance within ourselves and our world.

We offer regular Shamanic Workshops where you can build your own shamanic toolbox for a daily practice.

These include: The Medicine Wheel that incorporates ancestral healing, soul work, dreaming and personal transformational healing.

Full Moon Fire ceremonies, Despacho ceremonies and 'Open' ceremonies celebrating the equinoxes and solstices.

We also offer 1:1 personal shamanic healing sessions that include: extraction methods, soul retrieval and destiny retrieval.

J McEwen 2019 Sound Practitioner - about the Medicine Wheel Training.

It has been a joy to be with this group. I felt very safe and able to be myself I was able to bring things to the group that were very painful at times and be held and supported by everyone. I've appreciated the wisdom and experiences of all the group members, who have helped me through this year. I have loved learning from everybody.

I have a real connection with my Mesa and look forward to learning more. Some of the rites that Ali has given us, has been so powerful. The journeys as well that we've done over the course of the month, I've been revisited by them, they have been very nourishing to me and at various points they pop into my mind. I have felt a real difference in myself.

S Love, Bexhill, East Sussex, 2019.

The whole Medicine Wheel journey, the transformation within myself has been a lot of unpacking and having a deep look at issues within myself but there's a space for this, that's been made by everybody. This has been a really lovely, nurturing and safe group, so thanks to everybody for providing that because I haven't had that before in this way. I think that's what has stopped me from coming from the heart. I have always come from my head before, because it was cut off and was easier to come from the head. Now, I'm fully in my body and I'm doing the self nurturing and I'm really looking forward to the next step and deepening the practice.

I feel like we've gone around the Medicine Wheel the first time and that was all new, shifted the issues on the top. Now I feel like the next step is going to be really deep issues and I'm ready to take that next step. Previously I wasn't, I needed to do go through each of the directions in the course, in order to get to this space of knowing that I'm ready now. Thank you everybody and thanks to Ali for creating this.

S Tilby, Care Manager, Brighton 2019

I realise that this is the first group that I've been in by choice. I felt really petrified at the beginning, being in a group. I didn't realise how much I would love it and how much support I would receive from everyone. I feel sad that this is the last time all of us are together. This has changed my life, this is all I want now. I can only see continuing like this for the rest of my life until I die, this is what I want. It's taken me till 43 to have any passion about anything, it's a coming home feeling. Thanks so much, what more could you ask for, for your life to be transformed and changed, this is the biggest gift in the world. Thank you Ali so much. You've been an incredible teacher and an incredible support and healer.

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Drum Birthing Workshop


Your very own drum is a special friend who will heal you, take you on breath-taking journeys and share with you a connection within.

To birth your own drum is a truly rewarding experience; putting your love, intent and energy into this powerful medicine tool will make a truly special drum for you indeed.
In this full day workshop, you will birth your own Shamanic Drum in a day ceremony, honouring the sacredness of this healing tool. The drums are made in the traditional way using lacing cut from the same hide, thus keeping the spirit of the animal within the drum, in a ceremony, honouring the spirits of the animal and the tree. When you have birthed your drum, you will be led on a journey to connect with the spirit of your drum.
You can birth a drum of either stag or horse - please let me know at point of paying Participant Deposits which you would like to work with.
Source of the Hides
The horse and deer hides used on these workshops are all ethically sourced. To read more details, please visit the info page on our website.
The cost of the workshop is £350 per person, which includes all materials and instruction.
There is a 50% non-refundable deposit required per person (£175.00), to book their spaces on the workshop, no later than 2 months before the date of the workshop.
The final balance is due to be paid no later than 2 weeks before the date of the workshop.
Please contact Ali directly to book your place: [masked] or[masked], this is to avoid eventbrite fees - as the total proceeds will go to Jonathan Weekes at Heron Drums.
Ali is organising the workshop and providing the venue but she isn't facilitating the learning process in any way. Please check out Heron Drums for more info.
Snacks and drinks will be provided, please bring your own packed lunch.

Karpay Initiation Retreat

Fair Oak Farm



An exclusive, grounding 9-day retreat, leading us beautifully back into our own deepest heart space, within a safe container of love. These extraordinary teachings allow us to blossom, align, connect to source and feel empowered to walk the path of our highest destiny with humility and grace. There are only 16 spaces.

With Pampamesayok Don Augustine and Santos Machacca Apaza, a paqo from the High Andes, Peru. Also supported by Ali Rabjohns and Ewa Demahina, both practitioners from this tradition.
7 Karpays or initiation rites, deeply heartfelt transmissions of energetic consciousness will be offered around beautiful Avalon, Somerset. This time of emerging consciousness allows us to fully heal ourselves and share that gift with others.

Pampamesayoks source their power and information from the land. The medicine people within the Q’ero nation are known as “paqos,” which means “priest or mystic” in Quechuan, the language of the Inca. Being in the full presence of this ancient wisdom can forever change the way we perceive the world around us. It opens the infinite door into our Llankay (the power of service and body). Yachay (the power of mind, wisdom, and knowledge) and Munay (the power of Love, our will power, and emotions).

These Karpays are steeped with wisdom and are a wonderful experiential way to embody the secrets of the Andean mystical spiritual path first hand. The retreat will be facilitated by my teacher Pampamesayok Don Augustine and Paqo Santos Machacca Apaza, from the High Andes, Peru.
They will be offering 7 Karpays or initiation rites. These are deeply heartfelt transmissions of energetic consciousness, offered in and around the beautiful Avalon, Somerset.

The seven Karpays are energy transmissions of the highest order, helping us to prepare for the 'Return of the Inca'. A beautiful and powerful inner alignment and healing process, that helps our human consciousness to blossom into enlightenment. This is known as the Taripay Pacha, a period meaning 'The Golden Age of Human Re-union'.

Dates: July 25th - 3rd August at the prestigious award-winning Fair Oak Farm, nr Tunbridge Wells, UK.

Here there are great facilities, which include a sauna and beautiful countryside walks locally.
Earlybird offers are available now.
For more Info and an itinerary:[masked]/ [masked]

Testimonials for the Karpay retreat 2019 in Sweden.

I Joined TariPayPacha in Sweden 2019. It is hard to describe this experience in words.. I will try.
Sitting with Don Augustine and Santos.. listening and learning in-depth the history of the Inca and Pre- Inca times was both heart-opening and gave real insight into their lives. Their songs.. their weavings that are directly connected to Life and other dimensions.
Don Augustine is a powerful healer and so is Ewa in her own right. Between them, my soul was cleansed and put back together.
Receiving the Karpay’s was beyond my words right now but I feel them. I feel taller stronger... I have a deeper understanding, love, and gratitude for all I am learning and living.
Don Augustine. Santos. Ewa and Nadjia. Thank you all so much for this life-changing retreat

ST, E. Sussex 2019.

I am grateful for the path I walk. I am grateful for the healing that I am blessed to receive. I am grateful for the old wisdom and light that has been held and carried and is now being shared by the Q'ero people of the Andes. The world needs this medicine to help us remember what it can mean to be human. Thank you Thank you Thank you
AB, Sweden 2019.

Personal Investment :
£350 non-refundable deposit to secure your place.
The following prices do not include the deposit.

Until June 1st 2022 - £1450

Until July 1st 2022 - £1550

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