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Forbidden Archeology witch does not follow the accepted University story, is hidden. Certain authentic photos and videos are mixed with false ones to confuse the truth. Our research of myths and Hollywood films eventually become our reality.

Education of spirituality, nature and the cosmos untaught in our schools and universities. This group is a perfect example of engaging the unknown and marrying it with science. Fantastic knowledge in fantastic times, essential in understanding eventual human evolvement into the higher dimensional realms for the humans of the EARTH.

All Alien UFOs in Outer & Inner Space (ALIENs) member's opinions expressed and posted on its message boards and all its pages are not necessarily the opinions of the organizers nor should they be considered as true or false but viewed only as a legitimate opinion of the publishing member.

ALIENs.......neither endorses nor promotes the truthfulness of any "postings" on this site.

ALIENs ......... does not encourage members to challenge or doubt their conscience thoughts and encourage members to reveal those thoughts of information on the topics of interest in regards. Matters discussed on this site are often controversial, and a consideration "for" should always be given to the consequences of following a particular line of action and take personal responsibility for your postings and actions. We are an information provider, gatherer and sharer of ideas and choices for consideration of possible knowledge in ALIEN & UFO culture.

Hate, negative and offensive literature will be removed. Any postings attacking or slandering beliefs and opinions of others will also be removed. Debates about controversial topics and skeptics opinions are most encouraged and written dialogue in regards of is all in good taste, respect and professionalism. Personal attacks, slandering and insulting another member is forbidden. The use of this site by its members to promote fundraising, extraordinary profiteering or begging is not permitted . Anyone doing so may be banned from the site. If there is a member you are at odds with and have not the ability or motive to resolve the differences between the both of you, rather than destroy the harmony of the group, one or both of you are not to attend meetings untill the time these issues are surely solved.

ALIENs ......... is not responsible for the expressed opinions of other members within this website, or for any information they may share (on the forums). Each member is forewarned to do their own due diligence towards investigating information and not take any statements at face value. Research your articles before posting them and post the link source to the information to properly credit its creators.

As an information service we quote many sources for various articles and belief systems provided all in good faith and it is ultimately up to each person to make decisions based on one's own judgement than blame, accuse or take action against this organization or any of its members from a posting for a common or uncommon life situation.

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