What we're about

I'm looking to create a gathering of heart-centered beings that wish to heal others using many different kinds of metaphysical modalities, and practice and evolve their own skills. Those who feel called to participate, please know, that I am not a master or being of all know-ing trying to entice you to pay for a class or workshop or reading. I simply want to evolve my own skills by working with other light workers and healing them along the way. Kind of selfish, I know. :p If you too feel called to use your skills to heal physical, emotional, mental, and spiritual blocks and wounds I invite you to join.

This is not a meetup for free readings. You will get healings and readings but you will also be participating in delivering them as well.

How this meetup will work:

Every month there will be around 3-4 meetup events. There will be 2-3 focused topics and 1 all-out healing session. For example, one of the focused topics may be light language. At this event, I would explain what light language is and we would practice using it on ourselves and each other. This would also apply to tarot cards and pendulums. Though these are tools usually known for divination, I believe they can be used in healing. For example, a pendulum can be used in ascertaining chakras and how balanced they are. Tarot/Oracle card decks can be used to figuring out a mental/emotional block that is impeding your growth. The all-out healing sessions are when we will be using any type of modality we feel inclined to use and work healings on each other.

Below are a list of tools that I believe everyone can use to assist others evolving and healing while on their journey to grow.

My Bag of Metaphysical Tools (feel free to bring your own):

- Over 15 Oracle/Tarot card decks
- Selenite Swords with a bit of a magical twist in the handles (if you know Tom
Ledder, you know what I'm talking about).
- A few pendulums
- 2 L-rods (copper dowsing rods in the shape of an "L")
- Tons of crystals
- More than a few metaphysical books
- Flower of life grid (though you can just print some from the internet :p)
- Sound Bowls, rattles, ching, ocean drum, chimes, and meditation balls (baoding
- Essential Oils
- Clairvoyance, claircognizance, clairaudience, clairsentience, empathy, intuition,
and channeling abilities
- Light language and toning
- Reiki Level 1
- Experience healing with energy (outside of Reiki practices)

What's in your metaphysical tool bag?

Past events (2)

Meet and Greet!

Panera Bread

Meet and Greet!

Panera Bread