What we're about

If you're looking for a group to join where you can, and really will Meet Up with Like-Minded Creatives (Artists, Accessory/Home Goods Designers, Authors, Cartoonists, Comic Book Writers, Chefs, Cake Decorators, Fashion Designers, Film Makers, Jewelry Designers, Painters, Product Makers, Soap Makers, T-Shirt Designers, Visual Artists, & Performers (Actors, Comedians, Dancers, Musicians, Poets, Singers, Writers), et al - then this is the group for you.

Primary criteria is that You will attend Meetings and also collaborate to plan Open Houses, Exhibits, Events, and Ads to promote each other and yourself. For Proactive Souls ready to roll-up-your-sleeves to Revitalize, Renew, and Bring Notice and Support for the Arts in Southern Queens, NY.

Members will attend meetings, discuss each other's work, plan event, street fairs, demonstrations, and collaborate to rally the residential troops to attend, support, and care. Members will be a loud, bold voice, putting in the efforts to advocate for street art, media attention, art crawls, contests, performance nights, and of course sales!

All Creatives is about bringing all types of Creatives and Performers together as one united collaborative with the voice of each member participating to raise awareness of the value of all creativity as an intrinsic component of humanness, caring, sharing, intelligence, and a catalyst for change, a statement of who we are, were, and will be.

Please don't join just to join another group. If the arts matter to you, if you're looking to increase your own capacity, network with like-minded creatives, and use your art to create change and make money - then this is the group for you.

As a group, there are so many ways that we can increase awareness, support, and raise money, while expanding your sales venues with our permanent space. We will create a lot of wonderful and "in your face" promo's, products, and events and have a great time doing it. Let's be proactive, bold, funny, enthusiastic, and determined together!

See you soon!

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