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We are Sonoma and Marin's new Support Group for mild to moderately hearing-challenged adults. Tired of letting your hearing impairment shape your life? Ready to take proactive steps to grab back the pleasure of effective communication and auditory enjoyment? We can't fix your hearing, but we can teach each other to make the most of what we have.

Join forces with us as we bust out of the isolation that hearing loss brings with it. We will enjoy a variety of settings and guest talks as we vent, invent, listen and learn from one another in a congenial, supportive, and gently structured context. This is an action-oriented and solution based group. Bring your most optimistic self. We will come together to problem solve, share stories and equipment reviews, visit in hearing-friendly environments, take walks, and host guest speakers to help us on a path to fuller, more productive personal and work lives.

As our first year members you will help shape and grow this group. The membership is unlimited, but most gatherings will be limited to ten people, and guest talks will expand to meet interest levels. Adolescents are welcome but anyone under 18 must be accompanied by a guardian. A mix of ages, backgrounds, and hearing loss histories will be an asset as we exchange perspectives and strategies. As soon as we have five or more members the first March event will be posted. It will be a two hour evening gathering in quiet meeting space in Petaluma with an orientation talk from your organizer, a chance to share your backstory, (formally or informally), and a collective brainstorming for the group's future. If social settings are proving to be challenging, please take a chance and join us!

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