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Making Possible The Impossible… Theme: Interaction with Highly Successful Business Leaders Punch Line: Integrating Entrepreneurship, Innovation, Creativity & Leadership Objective: To encourage budding entrepreneurs to work towards building world class organizations on the foundation of ethics, innovation & excellence. Brief: Entrepreneurship is a mind game to a greater extent than what is commonly perceived as the game of money. Its course is very dynamic but the basic principles of Successful Entrepreneurship remain the same. The Success Story of an Entrepreneur differs in form in comparison to others but the core remains the same. Hence, the experiences of the Highly Successful Business Leaders & the insights they possess will be of huge impact in inspiring the current generation of young entrepreneurs towards building world class organizations which will in turn contribute to our economy in a big way. There are opportunities in every field for young entrepreneurs to make the best use of & many youngsters have been achieving grand success all across the globe particularly in China & the West. It is a well known fact that many self made billionaires have emerged in the recent past just with in no time & it is researched that there is so much likeliness for many to emerge from South Asian countries in the coming decade. Thanks to technology, innovative ideas & disruptive thinking. What it took decades is being made possible just within a couple of years. Our India today stands at a very advantageous position for two big reasons- One, our nation is with a great pool of talented youth who potential if put to the best use shall re-write the history of our nation as the most prosperous & happy one in the world. Second, we have as our PM a dynamic leader who is with a clear vision to place our India on the top of the world. How can we put the best gift of our life time in its optimum mode? Ideas are brewing up in every corner of our India in the minds of our youth. Atleast a few of them are no less than a google, a face book, an apple, a microsoft, a samsung, a toyota, a nokia, a walmart or a zara. Each of them would have the potential to boost our economy & place our nation in a comfortable position at the global level. Since Independence, a few great business minds have made it big despite several odds and today, the business eco system is quiet encouraging with many challenges like licence raj, quota system & permits being wiped off. The Govt is increasingly being in support of entrepreneurs in recognition of their prominent role for boosting our economy. Business as an institution has been positively being recognized as a vital force to reckon for a bright future of our nation. It will be a dream coming true if our nation could give birth to the maximum number of self made first generation entrepreneurs & the time for this is very much ripe now. This seems to be a herculean task but that gets rolling smoothly if & only if ‘The youth will be ignited to take up entrepreneurship not as a means of livelihood but as a means of nation building’. As a step in the right direction, our DELHI CEO Group initiates one such wonderful event where the Corporate Captains across the industries will be invited to share their success journey, business insights & also about how they have overcome the toughest challenges in their respective missions to build world class organizations like Tata, Reliance, Infosys, Whipro, L&T, Mahindra& Mahindra, Aditya Birla Group & others. This mission shall give birth to many Dhirubai Ambanis, J R D Tatas, Narayan Murthys & all. Humble Submission: Requesting all the like-minded intellectuals/entrepreneurs to come forward to be the part of this Visionary Endeavour. Special & Sincere Regards Ramanujan Founder DELHI CEO Group(A unit of All India CEO Network) Editor In Chief- Prosperity & Property Chief Mentor- GBG Magazine www.delhiceogroup.com (M): 8510853072

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