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Pittsburgh can be a tough place to meet people. Being an introvert can make it even more difficult. This group was formed to connect introverts. This group will be a mix of activities but all with the slant of catering towards those who identify as introverts, shy, wallflowers, etc.

This is a safe space for everyone. Zero tolerance for harassment of any kind.

If you are a new member, feel free to come to any meetup! There are not inductions into the group, being part of it makes you part of it! If there is anything that I can do to make you feel more comfortable at your first event, or if you have any questions, please don't hesitate to message me.

If you RSVP for an event but can no longer attend, please remember to un-RSVP. It’s just a courtesy thing and saves those in attendance time to not wait for your arrival. Plus it's just a courtesy thing.

Meetups will be casual. I hope to do some fun meetups that will allow us to connect and get to know each other through organized activities or relaxing hangouts, not just casual small talk with strangers. Although, silence doesn’t need to be uncomfortable, and it’s ok if you would rather observe than participate. The goal of the meetups will be to provide a comfortable atmosphere for introverts.

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Uptown Coffee - Sip and Chat

Uptown Coffee

Join me for a morning coffee, tea, and/or baked good as we kick off the New Year. Perfect for anyone new to the group who would like a low key event as an introduction.

No plan other than to meet and see where the morning takes us. After the past two years of uncertainty, even sitting there and sharing a kind nod while we sip on our beverage will be a welcome reprieve.

Ascend Bouldering - Spider-Person Training

ASCEND Pittsburgh

Have you ever been standing there waiting for an elevator and the darn thing is taking so long that you tell yourself that you'd be better off if you were allowed to go outside and simply ascend the side of the building with nothing but your hands, arms, legs, and the internal willpower to do what you must to save a couple seconds and expedite your trip to that building with the unbearably slow elevators to do that thing you didn't even really want to do in the first place but you joined an group of fellow introverts because you want to ease into doing things you may enjoy with like-minded individuals who have the same.....*breathe*.....desire?

Bouldering is an activity that is both challenging and extremely fun. Its full of thrills and accomplishment for participants. Whether you want to look inward and overcome fears and personal obstacles as you ascend the walls that keep us from progressing forward or you simply like to climb stuff. Everyone is on their own journey, but the bouldering community is also a supportive one.

Whether you are a first timer or a seasoned professional, there are climbing routes that cover all skill levels. You choose which route you want to attempt and your own progression. Unlike belay climbing with a harness and ropes, bouldering is just you and the wall. There are crash pads lining the floor that absorb the impact of any falls. My first time, I was afraid to fall. By the end I attempted an advanced route with an inverted section that was about 12 feet high. I missed one grab, fell the 12 feet onto my back, and didn't feel a thing other than the thrill of gravity doing its thing.

First time visitors get rental shoes and a chalk bag free. The day pass is $18. They do require you to fill out an waiver, which can be done online on their website: https://www.ascendpgh.com/visiting-ascend

They have Covid protocols in place for everyone's safety, including the use of masks indoors and sanitization.

A bouldering route is referred to as a "problem". Let us slip on the climbing shoes, slap on some chalk, and tackle some of these problems together.

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Dinner @ Galley Bakery Square

Galley Bakery Square

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