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Hosted by the Kubernetes Community Days DC organizing committee and supported by the Cloud Native Computing Foundation, this group is for anyone interested in all things Kubernetes. From discussing the latest Kubernetes features to hands-on tutorials to panel discussions, our goal is to increase k8s awareness and ease adoption throughout the DC IT community.

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Running zero down time updates with Kubernetes deployments

We'll do a deep dive into how the Kubernetes deployment object works and see how to handle: updating our applications, using resource constraints, init scripts, and probes.

The Cloud is the New Datacenter: What does that mean for security?

The advantages of the move to the cloud are many — think cost savings, elasticity etc. Yet securing these new, more ephemeral environments provides a different set of challenges for security professionals. One of the things that all cloud or container environments have in common is the proliferation of data that’s produced. This data contains crucial information around the security posture of your cloud environment, but the data is very difficult to see or even contextualize. This conversation will be led by Chris Pedigo, the field CTO at Lacework. Chris has spent 15+ years working in Technology, starting with hardware, moving to SaaS then eventually finding his way into the Public Cloud. He has become an expert in Cloud best practices, Security, and Compliance. About Lacework: Lacework started with a group of the most insightful thinkers in cloud security. They developed a concept that cloud security could be provided as an end-to-end experience with better context, more intelligence, and more sophisticated threat detection. To learn more about Lacework, visit: https://www.lacework.com/ About Hatchpad: Hatchpad is an online community with a mission of empowering DC software engineers by providing a platform to share side projects, search for tech events, discover startup career opportunities, and hear from innovative thought leaders in the DC tech space. To learn more about hatchpad, visit: https://dmv.myhatchpad.com/

Kubernetes Community Days DC

American Red Cross - National Headquarters

*NOTE*: You MUST register via the event page: https://kubernetescommunitydays.org/events/2021-washington-dc/ Follow us on Twitter @DCKubeDays for event updates. Kubernetes Community Days (KCDs) are community-organized events that gather adopters and technologists from open source and cloud native communities for education, collaboration, and networking. KCDs are supported by the Cloud Native Computing Foundation (CNCF). These fun, locally-defined events help grow and sustain the Kubernetes community. Brought to you by Kublr, EastBanc Technologies, and The American Red Cross. Wanna help organize or sponsor? Please contact us!

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