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All in Whole Consciousness is for individuals who want to gather in community to discuss topics related to spirituality, philosophy, metaphysics and universal consciousness. It centers around a unity consciousness type of philosophy where we explore some of those time honored questions such as: Why are we here? Why do we incarnate? What is our purpose? What happens after life? What is time? What is the role of organized religions in the expansion of consciousness, etc. etc.

Boise is such a spiritual hub and there are so many amazing people that I just hope to offer an opportunity for us to gather, share and learn from one another. I have been on my own spiritual journey in recent years in the hopes of refining my own understanding of the mysteries of life. Most of my growth has come through discussions with others, so I hope to create a platform where we can delve into these questions together. Texts are shared that act as a catalyst for introspection and discussion. Thanks for considering joining us. I think it can be fun and enriching.


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