Christmast party at Agora Space.


Join us on the 23rd December for a family afternoon in a true Christmas spirit to celebrate and share the joy of Christmas. As the Christmas spirit kicks in, we bring to you the idea of minimizing waste by cooking all together our Christmas dinner.

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Agora Space Christmas party, 7th edition is coming! More mulled wine, more DIY with a zero waste flavor, many nerds, many kids, more partners, more chefs and special guests. Agora Family is growing every year, let’s make the most awesome Christmas party together!

Over 7 years of Christmas parties at Agora space, we have made the occasion special by creating inclusive atmosphere welcoming coworkers, families, friends and kids to connect with each other into one big family. We are planning to cook our food together, a way to slow down and genuinely spend a pleasant time with each other.

Enjoy a radiant Christmas afternoon with a circle of like-minded people who also believe in reduced consumption and increased sharing.


Sunday December 23rd, at 14:00


12:00: pre-event: Join us for zero waste shopping at local vegetable market
14:00: Welcome the guests with coffee and mulled wine.
14:30: Join the kitchen for dinner preparations over a glass of mulled wine.
15:00: Swap 2nd hand items, wrap 1 toy for secret santa
16:00: Young kids activities supervised by professional teacher.
16:00: Time to watch a movie
18:30: Dinner!
20:00: SECRET SANTA & gift exchange!!
21:00: DJ session. Dancing activity.
Then: Enjoy the rest of the night with Coderbunker team! Party never stops!

🎅 How to join 🎅

Register here:

Join the Conversation on WeChat, propose your recipe, your activities...

Each kid, bring a second hand toy
Each parent, bring a second hand gift

Don’t prepare anything at home, we do everything together during the party

🎅 Price 🎅

CNY 288 at the door
CNY 200 early birds
CNY 150 for members
50% for children age 3+

🎅 Location🎅

Building 8, 1199 Panyu Lu, Shanghai

Attendees (1)