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Hacking and Making the World a better place since 2009.  We're Ann Arbor's Original Makerspace.  If you're just learning to solder or if you're a wiz with a sewing machine, or like to code around some neat people, come do things with us.  We have all sorts of tools (3D printers, sewing machines, soldering stations, wood working tools) and lots of curious makers.  It's a great place to meet other folks interested in learning for the sake of learning!
This Meetup and the AHA Google Calendar are always the most up-to-date source on what's happening at All Hands Active.

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All Hands Active Open Hours

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Come by All Hands Active. In person, you will have a chance to learn about and use our tools, or even just share a project you are working on. Online, you can get a tour, and get to know us. We will be hanging out all day.

Capture The Flag *Tuesdays*

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CTF Fridays is now CTF Tuesdays! Thanks to the input from members we've opted for a different day of the week and a later start time in hopes to become more accessible to potential attendees.

Who: Lead by AHA! Member Ryan Smith+ various other guests, hopefully you! All skill levels welcome.

What: Capture the Flag! Join us in various digital CTFs that incorporate many technologies and techniques to expand your skills and invoke self learning.

Where: Through the amazing advent of online meeting software, we'll be
able to meet anywhere! Join us on Zoom, link will be revealed after an RSVP

When: ** The day for for CTFs has changed to Tuesday! With a start time of 7PM, this is due to the feedback received from members and scheduling difficulties on my end.

Welcome to CTF Tuesdays! Come join, we welcome players of all levels. Our event is focused on discussing and focusing on specific challenges and inviting discussion about past challenges.

We’re making a goal to select a new challenge every week for members to try their hands at until next meeting. From there we compare our approaches and show those who struggled how to achieve the solution. If you’re new, feel free to follow along we’ll help you out. After Challenge talk is out of the way we encourage members to do a sort of show and tell about their CTF related endeavors. We try to pick a new challenge at the end of the meeting, but we may pick one and work on it a bit if there isn’t anything to share.

If you are a seasoned vet or have a project you're working on you're encouraged to share but not required by any means. Good sharing content ideas include interesting CTFs you've completed, unique solutions to old issues, and CTFs that have you stumped. We'll be happy to lend a hand or brain.

This event comes to you at no charge! However, donations are encouraged. We would not be here without the All Hands Active makerspace which operates on donations. All donations go to operating costs and improvements to the space. Donation link below.

Thank you!

What is a CTF?
A Capture The Flag event is one where a system or application is presented to you, using various skills and techniques (sometimes vulnerabilities and exploits) you must retrieve a "Flag" or a string of characters showing you completed the task. Be creative! There's tons of ways to do the same thing!

Do I need to know "IT" or "programming" to do them?
A basic understanding of technology definitely is required but if you're not an IT Pro or if this is your first foray into anything of this nature don't worry! This is to make you get familiar. Being a little lost is part of the journey.

Do I need any paid software?
You shouldn't need any additional software if you have a working computer. MOST operating systems have some way to do just about everything needed in a CTF

What if I don't understand or fall behind?
We try to pick a new challenge every week or two! If you aren't in the know of the current challenge, feel free to join and ask about it and someone will get you up to speed.

WIP Wednesday

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What is WIP Wednesday?

WIP (Work In Progress) Wednesday is a monthly meetup for crafters and makers to hang out and share projects they are currently working on. All crafters and makers are welcome!

Who is this meetup for?

The goal is to celebrate our skill-based hobbies with other skill-based hobby enthusiasts. There's no pressure to understand everyone else's projects.

Crafters and makers that are in-between projects are also welcome!

Gatekeeping, hobby-ranking, and aggressive, mocking, or derogatory (e.g., racist, sexist, ableist, etc.) language will not be tolerated.

How does this meetup function?

We'll go around, giving everyone a chance to share information about their project. If there's time, we'll go around again if people want to share another project. After that, we'll take some time to hang out and ask questions about each other's projects.

To ensure that everyone gets to share and has a good time, please:

  • Plan to share only one project each round
  • Keep your presentations to roughly 5 minutes
  • Save questions and requests for advice until open discussion
  • Give advice or suggestions only to those who ask for help

What should I share about my project?

Consider including information like:

  • What hobby are you doing?
  • How far along is your project?
  • What are your goals for the project?
  • Do you have a timeline for this project?
  • What have you learned from this project?
  • What issues have you run into while working on this project?

How do I join the meetup?

Please RSVP to the meetup to see the Zoom link.

Repairsday Thursday

Needs a location

A free service, open to the public. Donations are appreciated!

Do you have stuff around the house that is broken, or has stopped working — electronics, furniture, toys, and more — but you’d hate to just throw away? Wobbly chair? Flickering lamp? Tape stuck in your VCR? Bring it in, and members and volunteers at All Hands Active may be able to fix it, or maybe set you on the right path to getting your gadgets working again!

We offer no guarantees or liability if our repairs don't succeed, of course: many things were not made to be repaired, and we may not have the necessary tools or expertise to make it work again, in any case. But if your gadgets' next destination would otherwise be the recycler or landfill, we can guarantee that we'll give it our best shot -- perhaps it will save you a bit of guilt from trashing them straight away, and perhaps you will learn something new about how to fix the items you own!

Don't throw it out, repair it!

This is primarily an in-person event: masks are recommended for the safety of our staff and guests.

If you wish to attend virtually, join us over on our Matrix instance at https://chat.allhandsactive.org , and let us know you have a question for our Repairsday host!

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Repairsday Thursday

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