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The Java User Group Almere is for anyone interested in Java, JVM, Web Development, and Free and Open Source Software.

Whether you are a professional in the field, an enthusiast, a student learning Java development, or just want to learn something new, we'd love to see you at one of our meetups.

The "official language" is English, so that also non-Dutch speakers can easily participate.

Looking forward to meeting you all and exchanging knowledge and ideas!

Yes, you are reading this right: A developer meetup in Almere!

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The Battle of the IDEs & Spring in a Reactive Era

Conspect Group BV

## Agenda ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ * 18:00 - Walk in - drinks and food are served * 19:00 - Talk: Battle of the IDEs by Ko Turk * 19:45 - Break * 20:00 - Talk: Spring in a reactive era by Marten Deinum * 21:00 - Drinks ## Talks ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ ### Battle of the IDEs IntelliJ IDEA is the best IDE! Or is it Eclipse? Netbeans perhaps? Or are you working with Emacs/Vi/VSCode or something else? Do you recognize the discussion with your colleagues? Why you should start using another IDE! The one that they use of course! In this session I will show you which IDE you should use (or at least try). Not only based on my opinion but also on that of other developers that filled in the research [What is my favourite IDE and why](https://t.co/VqwdM1C9cu). There are a lot of cool features you definitely need to see! #### Speaker's bio: Ko Turk Ko Turk is a Senior Java Developer at Blue4IT, currently he is working for one of the biggest banks of the Netherlands. He loves to go full stack, creating backend microservices and frontend web applications. Because he likes to know everything about Java, you can find him regularly at all sorts of meetups and conferences. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ ### Spring in a reactive era Reactive programming wordt al aardig gemeengoed. Sinds Spring 5.0 is het mogelijk om een reactive web applicatie te maken. Maar om echt reactive te zijn moet de hele stack, incl. data opslag, reactive zijn. In deze sessie gaan we ontdekken hoe we spring kunnen gebruiken om een volledig reactive applicatie te bouwen. We kijken ook vooruit naar Spring 5.2 en welke reactive uitbreidingen daar in zitten en hoe deze helpen. #### Speaker's bio: Marten Deinum Marten Deinum is a submitter on the open source Spring Framework project. He is also a Java/software consultant working for Conspect. He has developed and architected software, primarily in Java, for small and large companies. He is an enthusiastic open source user and longtime fan, user and advocate of the Spring Framework. He has held a number of positions including Software Engineer, Development Lead, Coach, and also as a Java and Spring Trainer. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------

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