What we're about

Almost straight but not 100%


Attracted to other men and struggling with your feelings?

Heterosexual lifestyle and straight identity and having sex with men?

Not out? (Down low)

About to come out?

Just out?

Just left your female partner - what now?

If you can answer yes to any of these questions - this group is for you. Meet other like-minded men in the same position as you, with very similar feelings and issues.


This group is facilitated by a state registered Creative Arts Therapist with 20 years experience working in London, with own private practice and NHS contracted.

'In my counselling work with men in London, individually and in groups, I have witnessed that there clearly is a need for a group such as this one were men who are experiencing the challenges of dealing with their feelings of same sex attraction, get together sharing their feelings and experiences whilst also supporting each other. Realising how you really feel can be a very confusing and challenging experience; as well as finding out what to do with your brave new world, and how to be in it'. Dan


1. Add yourself to the actual meeting event. It has the date of the meeting written above and here you can also see the other members attending. The deadline for adding yourself is an hour before the meeting.

2. You will receive the Zoom log in details: ID number and ID password, from host (Dan) approximately an hour before the meeting starts (not any earlier than that) - in your inbox, sent to you personally.

3. Please pay the recommended donation of £5 to take part in the meeting using this easy PayPal link: https://www.paypal.me/wellnesssupport

OR easy card payment online:

4. Log into Zoom with your Zoom details: ID number and ID password ten minutes before the meeting starts. Please be considerate and be on time which is important because of the sensitive nature of this therapeutic discussion group. 
This is a group which aims to support you during the pandemic where restrictions by the government is changing the way we live and feel. It is a fundamentally new and different time, which can be difficult to handle all by yourself. It is important that we are careful and together beat this pandemic but many single people especially , do not live in what the government refers to as a 'household' Do join us :-)

THIS GROUP IS PRIVATE and you can add yourself to our group without a picture of yourself, if you prefer to be discreet and you can chose to use parts of your name, your initials or a made up name. You can also make your interests and the groups you belong to private on MeetUp, so that others can see those. This is a group which truthfully reaches out and wants to include a large rage of men, also those who wouldn't normally discuss their sexuality with others. When online, or in a physical space, you will be with men who have very similar experiences to you.

We now know that these feelings are a lot more common than first assumed:
1 in 2 young people say they are not 100% heterosexual \

Asked to plot themselves on a 'sexuality scale', 23% of British people choose something other than 100% heterosexual – and the figure rises to 49% among 18-24 year olds. \

See YouGov: https://yougov.co.uk/topics/lifestyle/articles-reports/2015/08/16/half-young-not-heterosexual

You are not alone: this is a group where you are invited to share your thoughts and feelings in a secure and safe environment with like-minded and supportive men. You decide how much you feel comfortable about sharing - you're in charge.

It is a therapeutic discussion group for men with an opportunity to be social afterwards for a local drink (after COVID-19 lock-down) and to be part of a supportive community, if you so choose.

Fridays monthly.
TIME: 6:00 - 7:30 pm

Online (Zoom) £5
£5 is suggested as a voluntary donation for each meeting online, prior to the event, to help the group running during COVID-19 - pay here:


OR easy card payment online:

Please note that it will still say 'unpaid' even when you have payed. I am aware that you have paid. It is just a technical thing from MeetUp.
Face to Face in Covent Garden, London £10

This group will naturally follow the COVID-19 situation and will announce accordingly whether it will take place online or face to face at our central London location in Bethnal Green and Covent Garden.


This group has not been created to necessarily encourage you to come out as a person identifying as gay or bisexual but to think about your life and the things that makes you happy and the things that don’t, as well as what you want and what you don’t want in life. Everyone feels different and what you want and decide is personal to you. You may want to come out or indeed not to come out, (if it's not right for you) both choices are equally valid and fully accepted in this group; but we are here to offer a space for you to discuss how you feel, supported by other like minded men in the same position.

Don’t be alone with your feelings. We believe that acknowledging how you are is important and that sharing your thoughts and feelings with others is always the better option. Here are the most common 7 steps to accepting your own feelings:

Sensing and discovering feelings of same sex attraction

Denial of feelings (Thoughts: ‘everyone feels that way periodically’ - it’s just a fase’ - ‘I really like girls deep down’)

Realisation of feelings and grievance (Thoughts: ‘these feelings just won’t go away’)

Anxiety or depression (Thoughts: ‘I am not that way - I am not a typical gay/bi guy’ - ‘what am I going to do with myself?, I don’t fit in with the gay nor the hetero-normative world’)

Acknowledging your feelings - Processing thoughts further (Thoughts: ‘this is how I feel, it’s a fact’)

Accepting oneself - forgiving and loving yourself for who you are.

Taking action: A. coming out or B. not coming out deciding not to share feelings of sexual attraction with others, C. sharing with some people and not others.

By taking part in our meetings online or face to face you are agreeing to the following:
Giving equal space 
Not interrupting others
No judgement - accepting others opinion
No gossiping about what has been talked about
No sharing of others confidential/personal information outside the group
Mobile phones off during sessions
Do attempt to be on time
Allow yourself to explore emotionally and creatively
Be courageous in supporting others
Take collective responsibility for a safe environment

Dan is a state registered and NHS contracted dramatherapist and clinical supervisor with 20 years experience in London, working with young people and adults and runs his own private practice as a Creative Arts Psychotherapist in London Bridge and ONLINE.
Dan has worked with men and women who experience domestic abuse, in the London Borough of Greenwich for the charity ‘Tryangle Project 2011’, where Augusto Boal’s Psych-Educational Forum Theatre was at the heart of the work. He has run regular workshops for for the charity 'Positive East' in East London and written and directed plays for London Pride events.
Dan teaches Introduction to Dramatherapy at the established City Literary Institute in Covent Garden throughout the year. He previously worked at ‘Studio Upstairs’ - the arts community with a therapeutic concern for 8 years, where he facilitated the psycho-therapeutic performance group in a mental health setting, as well as also supervising students and volunteers.
Dan facilitates several ongoing Creative Arts Psychotherapy groups for men - and couples. Feel free to contact Dan regarding any psychological and emotional issues you may have.  Dan will try to offer you a 30 minute FREE one to one conversation online (Zoom) or face to face at his practice, if you'd like that. 

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