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For the people who want to know more about Agile, want to learn how to do it better, want to find resources and chat about it!

Meeting time: Usually last Tuesday of each month unless it is otherwise specified.

Meeting location: The location varies due to space availability. For 2016 and 2017 it will be Fire and Brimstone Tavern.

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The Grow Model presented by Tammy Schubert and Sydney Ryanczak

Fire and Brimstone Tavern

GROW Coaching Model for the Product Owners and Scrum Masters. It provides a basic framework for them to work with teams and individuals in the spirit of continuous improvement. The GROW Model has proved successful all over the world to a diverse mix of people with a variety of backgrounds and experiences. It forms the most common basis of coaching in many organizations and universities globally. The GROW Model is now one of the most popular principal pillars utilized within the international coaching community as a whole, due to the outstanding results it helps people to achieve personally and within global organizations. Training Overview What is it? How to use it? Practical application.

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