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In this group we will talk about our true nature as Divine Human Beings and becoming it. We will share new ideas about who we are and learn our natural abilities as Divine creatures on earth. We will go through guided meditations, and create our true wishes.

Please note, This is not a class
Its a place who allows you to be who you really are
Its a place in time that gives a pure opportunity to bring the inner quite truth onto the surface as you want.

Choose to live in a world of endless opportunities and possibilities
A world that you can FLY in and see colors you've never seen before, animals you've never heard of. A world full of LOVE, being leaded from your heart, allowing what may look as craziness to one that dont know.

Its been known that all you need to heal a sick cell is a healthy one.
Its because that the healthy cell reflect hes inner truth by BEING IT and by that reminding the sick cell his true nature.
It calls SPONTANEOUS HEALING or a miracle to some.
Depends on what you know about yourself :-)

Our time together in this way will allow the universe to start a new wave of reflation.
We will start together as a group with intentions to own it, BE it and reflect it.

no former knowledge is required or experience in anything.
For this thing, all you need is to be a human being.
I trust the universe to come and shine through you, us.
All we need is to allow it. all the rest will happen from it self.

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