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What we’re about

The organizer of the Altamonte Springs Social Media Marketing Meetup has been working in Social Media for more than a decade. Content Marketing Forum Owner <= click!, Bill Belew, shares his knowledge and experience generously in this Meetup.

What's it take to get started?

How do you prove there is a market for your service?

This Meetup if for Business owners, start-ups, entrepreneurs and would-be social media marketing strategists. We are heavy on what works, what makes the phone ring and the email box fill up. No theory here. Real-world experience is important to us.


The owner of this Meetup group, Bill Belew, is a professional blogger = for many years he has paid his sizable Silicon Valley mortgage through revenue from traffic to his network of sites.

Bill Belew is a university professor and in-demand speaker from Digital Media Asia Malaysia to Mexico to NYC to Blogworld / New Media Live in Vegas to his home-town, Sunnyvale, in the heart of Silicon Valley.

Bill Belew is the owner of the Content Marketing Expert forum. <= Meetup Members can join for FREE.

He is the author of the best-read series How to Blog for Money and Traffic online, six published books and one university textbook with Kendall Hunt Publishing.

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