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Prepare your hearts to receive healing and happiness for humanity.
Every Thursday unless cancelled we meet at 5630 Yahl St #1 at the Altered Elements Studio to meditate and have a brief teaching. There are comfy sofas, chairs and the floor. We keep it cool and there are blankets or you can bring your own. Essential oils fill the air as do the sounds of the crystal bowls and sacred spirit song. A time to relax, de-stress, heal, learn and share. The teaching subjects vary from the movements of the planets and how they are affecting us, energy healing, a wash from the planets using Seraphim Blueprint energies, a talk about the Seven Rays or the Violet flames or the work of the Masters or Esoteric Healing. We let spirit guide the night listening to the hearts of the people. Time: 7:00 to 9:00 p.m. Value: $20.00 Love offering Max: 20 participants.

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This is a regular guided Meditation that meets Thursday nights at the Altered Elements studio. We have a teaching for about twenty minutes then move into a guided meditation with four alchemical crystal bowls, and sacred spirit singing. We journey to Gaia and sit with Mother Earth, sometimes she speaks. We ascend through dimensions and planes along the antakarana visiting the Monad, the Hierarchy, Shamballa and to God, to Love, to the Universal One. Sometimes the Masters speak, sometimes the Violet Flame is invoked. Jesus is always present. it's a journey. We end with recitation of The Great Invocation and sounding OHM 3x.

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