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Join us in exploring altered states of consciousness with an open mind. Open yourself to alternative approaches, ideas. Embrace your spirituality. Learn how to connect to it and explore it's many facets. Learn to live in place of abundant positive emotions. Enjoy renewed zest for life. Take control, learn the techniques that will allow you to make change easy. All of this in a very supportive community. It is much easier than you think, I promise.

What's Next?

Step 1 – Stop now and join the group

Step 2 – Attend one of our meetups. We have four different types.

Intro To Altered States:

Topics vary, joy, bliss so on and so forth . When registering for these meetups you will be asked what focus you have in mind. Your guide will tailor some of your experience to that choice. Your guide will answer questions and give simple demonstrations regarding the other types of meeting we will regularly have. (If the one you want to attend is closed, join the waiting list)

Deep Trance Phenomenon:
Deep Trance is one of the deepest realms of hypnosis - what you are capable of doing will delight you. Maybe you'll go on a virtual vacation or do that thing that you have always wanted to do.

The Metaphysical Discussion/Metaphysical Workshops:
If it’s out there (Past Lives, Auras, Energy Medicine, Dark Matter, Holographic Universe etc.) then you'll find it here. Join us with a playful attitude and open mind for discussions and mingling on all sorts of topics. These sessions will provide for opportunities for workshops based on topics generated here.

Transition and Transformation: (TNT)

These sessions represents the some of the very practical aspects of the power of using altered states to say goodbye to fear, anger, sadness, guilt, change how you feel. How you behave, change limiting beliefs, stop smoking, how to shed some of the extra weight, or maybe you want to design your destiny. Attendance means you will be an active participant in these meeting. There are no bystanders here, no observers.

Neuro Intuitive Meditation:

I developed Neuro Intuitive Meditation in response to listening and watching - modeling people who meditate and the various styles of meditation. What I heard and saw was that each of them had varying levels of success and that in general it took what I consider a fairly long time to enter into a Meditative state and even longer to go into a deep meditative state.

Intuitive mediation , once learned it easy to go into a deep meditative state, a state of deep thought easily and effortlessly, and even deeper with your guide.

What makes it different is that we rely on your unconscious wisdom to guide you, you might say custom meditation. You can achieve many different states easily.

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