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We want to explore God together and intend to use the Bible as a base, but are not set at all in how that happens. This is for fresh, new exploration. This is anti-organized religion. We are not religious. We are spiritual beings seeking to live our best and be a positive force in society and the world.

Perhaps providing a good contrast as to who might find this interesting as opposed to who likely wouldn't might help. Anyone with a closed mind about the Bible probably should not try to join. If you are from any other religion or spiritual group that is "Bible curious", you are invited to check us out. Here are some example contrasts: Agnostics are completely welcome while avowed atheists probably should pass. Right hand magick may find this interesting and thought provoking while left hand magick would probably be antagonistic. Christians who went all out supporting the current President-elect / Republican agendas probably would not find this approach agreeable while Christians who were more politically agnostic might. Eastern mystics and those of peaceful religions who are simply seeking higher power might find this a good group provided you are open minded to considering the Bible as a source of inspiration. Closed minded religious people of any mindset would not find this group beneficial. Balanced and centered feminists might surprisingly be intrigued by male/female balances and counterparts intended to be discussed at times within our group, while hard-core feminists may be contentious about our foundation.

Some Christians might be offended that I invited some people who practice magick arts or come from other beliefs. To you I say: there is a fine line and balance in discovering those who wish to be positive and productive in the world and are seeking higher power with sincerity and an open mind. All who are in that positive frame of mind are invited to join. If that offends you, then this group is probably not for you, for the goal of this group is to remove rigidity (male structure), and become fluid like the wind and water (female beauty), because, in reality, the Church of Jesus Christ is completely 100% feminine and we wish to exemplify that point since so much today in "churches" is inappropriately masculine and contradicts her beauty, nature, and wisdom: her very DNA. Join us and let's see what we can discover together.

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