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Decompression - Club Night @ Fire, London.

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You should join this group if some of the points below (in no particular order of merit) apply to you:

• You are happy to provide a picture to the group, that includes your face, for easy recognition in group meetups.
• Want to have some fun/interesting/satisfying experiences with supportive, friendly, open people.
• Like intelligent conversation/debate and sharing of knowledge with other curious minds.
• Independent, adventurous, open-minded and free-thinking.
• Want to explore the diverse range of things that Kent AND beyond has to offer.
• Love walking in the countryside, but not with a group of 30 or 40 people that you hardly know; instead, preferring to walk with small groups of like-minded friends who love nature and chat, but don’t need you to pay anything to come along!
• Love dancing to EDM, in a club, or at a rave / festival.
• Interested in art, nature and science.
• Value the concept of mutual respect and consent.
• Think that a lot of mainstream culture is debased.
• Fed up with being asked to pay to join groups that you don’t even know if you will like or not, or just fed up with joining groups that are really just little businesses that only want to make money out of you.
• Love music generally, or want to hear a more varied collection.
• Want to feel comfortable sharing and talking to other group members on any subject without fear of condemnation, judgement or ridicule.
• Fed up with joining Kent groups that don’t seem to have the kind of people that interest you, or in turn, that are interested in you.
• Want to find kind, open, friendly people that always give as much or more than they take.
• Would like to be able to suggest or host ‘meetup’ activities / events with the group that are different to the norm, or not, as the case maybe.
• Not ageist and feel that young or old, if someone feels that they have something to contribute to the group, then they should come on in!
• Can think outside the box.
• Can contribute something to the group (whatever that may be), such as enthusiasm, information, ‘joi de vivre’ or just plain and simple friendship!
• Think that the Beatles got it essentially spot on, when they said that ‘all you need is love’….

This group will seek out activities far and wide that interest members. This will include a diverse range of interests; such as festivals, gigs and raves; outdoor activities like hiking, climbing and camping; visits to the theatre, art exhibitions and pub socials; plus special one-off events concerning just about anything. The only limit is our imagination! All these trips will be in the UK or abroad as required.

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