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Welcome to the Alternative Healing And Universal Meditation Group!


The Alternative Healing And Universal Meditation Group For Optimal Health brings together various powerful & effective healing modalities and techniques under one group! We provide the community with group healing opportunities such as classes, workshops, meditation, sessions, etc. You will learn effective techniques to awaken your inner Healing Light, practice with healing tools, and experience a lasting feeling of peace, harmony, serenity, and empowerment in Body, Mind & Soul. Your well being is the number one key element to a happy, healthy, balanced, and fulfilled spiritual life.

We offer all these modalities and healing techniques, and more:

*Arcturian Holographic Reconnective Light-Energy Healing

*Sound Therapy

*Blue Star Celestial Energy Modality

*ThetaHealing® Advanced Level
* USUI Reiki
*Access Bars® (32 Bars)
*3 Healthy Breaths of Balance, Activation & Release/Cleansing
*Gene Replacement – Genetic Code & Ageing Process
*Reactivation of DNA Strands – Full Restoration
*Arcturian Encoding Light Language - Crown Chakra & Auric Field
*The Zone Method & The 4 Gateways
*Alignment of the Chakras & Opening of Psychic Centers
*The Youth & Vitality Chromosomes Rejuvenation Process
*Conscious Meditation to the Higher Realms of Existence
*Dharsa Golden Light Blessings
*Seven Planes of Existence
*Angelic Blessings & Healing with Archangel Raphael
*Balance & Integration of the Feminine & Masculine Polarities
*Releasing Past Lives Cords, Vows, and Contracts
*Introduction to Polarity
*Spiritual Guidance
*Healing for Animals & Plants
*Contacting Departed Loved Ones, Spirit Guides, Star Family Members, etc.
*Nutrition & the Rainbow Diet
*HeartMath® Building Resilience & Coherence Techniques
* Emotional Clearing

And more!

Healing is an “Infinite Umbrella” that encompasses the mental, emotional, physical, etheric, astral, and crystalline light bodies. Nutrition is another key to optimal function along with higher Awareness, deeper oxygen intake through breathing, and full assimilation of Source Light-Energy from Supreme Creative Force/Creator.

Optimal Health is a journey of the Heart, a state of Mind, and the enlightenment of Spirit. Allow us to assist you on your path to a radiant, balanced, and healthy life style both on Gaia/Earth and on the Higher Realms!

Universal & Etheric Meditations

Keeping your Vibration High leads to the path of Ascension and Brings in more Light. Meditation is a powerful tool that activates mechanisms within the brain necessary for optimal Telepathic exchange with the Source Mind. Meditators, who are consistent with their practice, accumulate an extra reserve of Cosmic Light! This Meditation Group operates at and works from the Heart Chakra.

*Recharge your "batteries" with Cosmic Energy! Come Revitalize Mind, Body & Spirit as we raise our Frequencies to the Higher Dimensional Realms & Etheric Retreats - Celestial Residence of the Ascended Masters.

We provide the community with monthly Dimensional High Frequency Meditation, and create a Sacred Circle where light minded people get together to expand their awareness, find peace, access higher dimensions, connect with our Divine Self, and experience enlightenment.

*We will create a Sacred Space where High Celestial (Solar Angels) and Star Beings will be waiting to bring us to the Crystal Temple. *Feel your vibration being Uplifted in the Healing Chamber as we allow the merging of our human aspect with our Divine Lineage. *Visualize roots coming out of the sole of your feet and Ground you into the Energetic Field of Mother Earth. *Grounding is an important part of our Spiritual Growth as it facilitates the integration of the Mental & Emotional Realms. *Communicate with Spirit Guides and get messages on how to Align your life with your Highest Good!

As we are being transported into a *Sacred Journey to the Higher Spheres of Existence, *Enjoy a Pineal Gland Musical Activation that will open up further your 3rd Eye and thus strengthening your Psychic Abilities. As you evolve, your sensitivity & connectivity to Higher Realms increase as well!

This Inspiring, Uplifting & Energizing meditation will also get you Empowered and Centered to your Core of Power - located within the Solar Plexus Chakra.

More than a meditation, it is an experience that will:

* Raise your Frequencies

* Open your Crown Chakra to Divine Light Substance

* Have Direct Access to the Angelic Realms, Spiritual Mentor Guides, and Beings of Light

* Vitalize your entire Being

* Positively Affect your Moods

* Bathe you into the Creator's Unconditional Love
* Uplift your Spirit

*Increase your Connectivity to Higher Realms

*Elevate your Vibrational Energy Field

* And much more!

Join our Meditation Group today and Feel the Positive Transformation!

Bring your Crystals and Stones!

About your Organizer, Viviane Chauvet:

Viviane is a natural-born healer with specific gifts that directly connect her to an Interdimensional, Advanced Star Race from Arcturus. Over the many years of experience, Viviane has extended her healing practice as:

Arcturian Holographic Reconnective Light-Energy Master Healer

Blue Star Celestial Energy Healing Modality

Certified Tuning Forks® Therapy Practitioner

ThetaHealing® Practitioner

HeartMath® Coach/Mentor

Spiritual Teacher & Intuitive

Channel for the Arcturian Collective Consciousness

As a biological Arcturian Hybrid, which is a genetic blending of an Arcturian Star Being Father and a Human Mother, Viviane is also a carrier of the 5th through the 9th Dimensional frequency of the Arcturians. Internationally interviewed, Viviane's inspirational life story has touched the hearts of thousands of people worldwide. She is an accelerator and a physical generator of pure Light & Energy. Viviane is a channel for Higher Frequency and Galactic Wisdom. She was sent to Earth by the Council of Elders from Arcturus as an Ambassador for her star family. She is considered as one the High Oracles of Arcturus, and is one the original teachers sent to Atlantis.

To Schedule a private Healing Session, DNA work and/or Intuitive Reading: by email at viviane@infinitehealingfromthestars.com

See my Healing Services advertised in magazine "Natural Awakenings" - 2016 Practitioner Directory Page



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