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We will gather together in a building. Listen and participate in a themed worship service based on alt music. Plan on doing a large variety of musical groups. I want the very first one to be Depeche Mode open to suggestions for other groups. Essentially we will play some videos, put up the lyrics to the themed music groups sing their songs together. Maybe I might talk a little about how the music group inspires people in their daily lives. Might do a prayer or two if somebody wishes help for a particular reason and that's it, the whole music worship experience will be very secular. The whole thing is a bit of an experiment for a paper I am working on I am a theology student at UBC. I am hoping to bring the 'other' into our daily lives, wake up the sleeping parts of our brain and experiment with bringing spirituality back Into our life's. I have often had a few spiritual-like experiences's going to the concerts of my favorite bands. I wonder if this experiences can be repeated and maybe doesn't require a 200 dollar concert ticket. Anybody down to join me in this spiritual experiment signup. I plan on hosting them once a month for the next few months.

Followup somebody just suggested Tragically Hip for the second one hmm...

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Avril Lavigne Worship Experiment

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