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This is a group for all those Practitioners of Alternative Therapies. It has been my mission to explore & bring to those in the Silicon Valley alternative & complementary therapies to wellness. A different or complementary approach to therapies other than traditional medicine. Join me in discussions of new therapies & ideas of how to get the word out to those in need.

We live in a very promising time. It is also a very challenging time.
At least that’s how it looks like to us humans.

It’s a time when the human spirit is triumphing and books are being rewritten. Love, sharing & the healing of our fellow man is becoming what is normal.

The other side of this coin is a reality full of people who are hurting - who are hurting other people who are hurting. It is causing a great disturbance that is rooted in the spiritual and that manifests physically as war, disease and famine - all of it.

I am coming to you here to say that I hope we can band together and find common interests and be the healers for ourselves and everyone in the human community.

We are making the shift from hurting to healing - healing the healers. It is a way to have a place and a purpose in the shifting of consciousness and the triumph of the human spirit.

The words are well chosen; they sound so good and fill the heart with such a freshness of depths & heights, with an incredible sense of oneness in the truth.

I think it will be helpful to keep these thoughts foremost in our group.
I just edited it a little and added some words for today’s time.

I believe this community will become a place where talented & heart-centered people will meet & find others like themselves!

I am really looking forward to meet with you guys!
My heart is wishing for your continued involvement & support!

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Got Manifestation?
Needs a date and time

Wing of Luv Center for Wellness

Hi Everyone!

Are you truly honest with yourself? Is manifestation something everyone else knows how to do but when you try things fall short?

If so, I want to tell you about an exciting workshop on Manifestation that will be facilitated by the engaging Brian Rainie and of course, me!.

If you have ever seen any of Brian's seminars or presentations you know what a great teacher he is. This is a true treat!

The logistics still in the planning stage but our intention is to hold the following 3 workshops using our own cutting edge approach:

1) "This is not what I ordered!" - Looking at what we bring in and why (2 hours)
2) "How do the Joneses make it look so easy?" - Manifesting made simple and active manifesting (4 hours)
3) "How high is up?" - The lifestyle of manifesting, you become the teacher (2 hours)

We are looking at three consecutive weekends in order to have plenty of material
for discussion.

Space is limited to 10 seats and will be held at the Wings of Luv Center for Wellness in Mountain View.

Cost: $95

Stay tuned for more information!

Meet & Greet & Get to Know Each Other!!!
Needs a date and time

Needs a location

Let’s Meet & Greet & Get to Know Each Other!

I think we should do few EVENTS like this one - at the different Locations each.

Let's gather and socialize with other like-minded members. Open discussion. What is & isn't working for you regarding this Meetup Group. If you are a leader, teacher, counselor, healer, practitioner, business owner bring your fliers and business cards. Let's chat about how the energy shift has affected us. Come and share your story. Also if some of the past Meetups or some kind of situations in your life or the life of the others have helped you in some way - please share that story. We would also like to hear what topics you are interested in, your input is very important.

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My email: [masked]

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