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"Education" is that which prepares our child for his future. Parents are the principal guide of their child's education; we hope that the education that we give our child during her formative years prepares her for a bright, successful, and happy future.

Schools are (just) one of many suppliers of that education; however, we know that the school that we choose for our child can often be an important determinant of how bright her future will be.

A school that matches your child will enhance your child's skills, values, character, social abilities, confidence, motivation, passion, and academic abilities in such a way that your child enters her future well prepared to triumph over the inevitable obstacles that will stand in her way and secure a happy, successful place.

But when a school does not match your child, it will not provide him with he needs for his particular future, and worse, it may damage his confidence, undermine his true passion, retard the unique combination of abilities that he brings, skimp on the skills that he uniquely will need, or teach him beliefs, values, traits, emotions, or social lessons that reduce his future success and happiness.

Every child is unique; no two children have the same interests, passions, abilities, goals, values, strengths, character, and learning styles. Every child's future path is unique; no two children will experience the same future. So, it is obvious that different children may well need different types of schools.

However, most parents are fooled into believing that their only reasonable choice for schooling is the local "public" school. In fact, there are an infinite number of possible types of schools. Any particular school may fit your child better or worse than another school. The local public school is only one possible school; it would be statistically shocking that that school serendipitously just happened to be the "best school" for your unique child.

In the past, a broad range of possible schools have not been available to us, and we have been forced to send our child to a school that is less likely to support him. Most cruelly, the child himself (and sometimes the family) is often blamed when the child does not fit into a one-size-fits-few monopolistic school. However, we are at the dawn of a new era that is broadening school alternatives.

Alternatives to Traditional Schooling is here to help you explore the emerging alternatives, some of which may well fit your child better. Across the region, education innovators are creating new types of private schools, homeschooling, charter schools, hybrid schools, self-directed schools, learning centers, co-operative schools, religious schools, internet schools, hacker-spaces, voyage schools, work-study schools, charter schools, apprenticeships, individualized schools, travel schools, partnership schools, experiential schools, etc.

Don’t let your child suffer a diminished future just because the default school can't prepare her well for her unique future. Explore schools that may better match your child. We are here to help you help your child soar into her joyous future.

Join us as we explore the alternatives to traditional schooling in the Greater Boston area.

Please visit, and add to, our list of alternatives to public school (http://www.meetup.com/Alternatives-to-Public-School/messages/boards/thread/41250982#115091732).

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