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The Alvin T. Smith Foundation™ is a subsidiary of the Circle’s Edge Inc.™, a 501c3 art group whose mission is to dispel myths about ability levels and self worth via artistic and creative educational campaigns. The Alvin T. Smith Foundation™ consists of a Historical Collection as well as a Memorial Fund.

The Alvin T. Smith Historical Collection consists of articles, essays, props and artwork, pictures, and much more. Alvin T. Smith, an honored member of the U.S. Air Force, a faithful member of the American Legion, and a friendly, open-minded, caring person, had a desire for research, knowledge, and the search for truth. This is a lifetime of research and work on all aspects of historical information. His research crossed the gamut of the spectrum. From Africa to the Americas. From ancient languages to the modern day pronunciation of American English. From religion and society/government to art and music

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