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Sweat Daily@Nutakki
Morning rides: Everyday of the week from nutakki to aravinda can join in the middle of the route


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What we're about

abc... The Amaravati Bicycle Club organizes Bicycle Rides and promote cycling.

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Why we do it: -

Of course Peddling is Fun

Along with physical health, cycling also helps to improve mental health. In the body, cycling liberates endorphins which decrease stress, and boost pleasure. Thus, it is a great mood elevator. Cycling outdoors is a best way to be one with nature and to feel the fresh air of the earth.

We care mother earth

Cycling is an environmentally as well as ecofriendly mode of transport. Consumes Zero fuel, take a lot less energy to make than a car/Bikes and don't require toxic batteries or motor oil.

Peddle with us to increase your mileage:

Improve Your Heart Health Helps in Shedding Weight

Gentle on your pocket:

Day by day, the cost of fuels is rising quickly. In such situation, cycling is a cheap mode of transportation, ideal for short local trips and make up several of our everyday journeys.

Who Can do it:-

ABC(AnyBody can Cycle) with Family, Friends or community Riders of all ages.

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