What we're about

Amazic is a group who help disruptive startup technology vendors launch their new products into the mainstream market.

Our business is lowering the barriers to entry for people to learn and adopt these technologies, whether personally or as a global business.

For technologists:
- Offering first mover insight into the latest tech.
- Hosting events, offering thought leading speakers.
- Advice on best practice.
- Official vendor training.

For businesses:
- Selecting and integrating advanced technologies into production ready toolchains.
- Demonstrating the business value of these new technologies.
- POC advice and guidance.
- Long term technology strategy.
- Direct engineering introductions.

Our two major portfolio stacks right now:
- Enterprise DevOps Toolchain
- Enterprise Container Stack

Working as a first in region partner for companies like Docker, Puppet, Twistlock, Jenkins, GitHub and HashiCorp.

With this meetup, we want to be able to continue to offer leading roadmap and technology visions to the community, whilst also offering opinionated best of breed enterprise technology advice.

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